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yee yee way

  • One Way - Sector Seven
    "Here's a guy with open eyes, that used his mask to see inside Who kept his ear to the ground, and used himself to find his way To find his way, to find his way, to find his way Through a time of life"
  • The way - Rascal Flatts
    "Think about the way the earth revolves around the sun Gravity holds it all in place and keeps it all from coming undone Thats the way, thats the way I feel about you Think about how a baby cries to feel"
  • The Way - Blues Traveler
    "Nobody told me it would be good But I still wanted it to be Do your homework like you should Hoping something sets you free (What'll it be) Afraid of ultimate decay Never stopping but to rust Eager to"
  • My Way - Limp Bizkit
    "special, you think your special you do, i can see it in your eyes i can see it when you laugh at me look down on me and, you walk around on me just one more fight about your leadership and i will straight"
  • No Way - Dream Evil
    "It will outlive us all booth you and I No rules without exception this one can not die Regardless of genres expression shape and form It sometimes just catches it's breath before the storm It is only"
  • Wartorn Way - Killing Heidi
    "I just keep on you Open the door for me You gotta let me be I said stop making up these excuses, It's useless I walk around in a slow pace All around this place In a wartorn way I feel the air"
  • Way Down - Accidental Superhero
    "stop me on the way down stop me on the way down can't stand my ground with you reach up or drown for you would have liked to known what to do feel like i've blown it with you stop me on the way down"
  • Our Way - Portugal. The Man
    "But we found that we were always lost And we will never find our way But we found that we were always lost And we will never find our way But we found that we were always lost And we will never find our"
  • My Way - Avril Lavigne
    "Its my way You gotta see to the top and if ya don't You'll fall down, Nobodys' there to help you up And you want me to love you again It ain't gonna happen again, No way no way All this time You're feeling"
  • Way Out - Unjust
    "Disposable feelings.... in turn How can I care now, when all is gone Only fire... Masked pretenders... Way out...Way out... This time its forever... Way out of time...Again Way out...Way out... This time"

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