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  • Soulwax E-Talking
    "Names that sound familiar Secret wounds from failure Try and look into their eyes A part of the weekend never dies There's no tension in your dance As you try and hold my hand chorus: It's not you"
  • Enrique Iglesias Amar e
    "Amar uma coisa especialNo um vem e vaiAmar só acontece uma vezE nunca maisAmar quando voc pensa:Onde ela andar?Amar como um milagre ...Difcil de explicarAmar proteger teu corpoDa fora dos ventosAmar"
  • Pagoda E-Cord
    "Check 1...Check 2...Check 3 Welcome to the E-cord Why that's a strong boy Use it what it's used for Use me what i'm used for I'm a whore Reap with the same thing What the hell I'm gonna sing Damn I got"
  • Anna Oxa E' Possibile
    "(M.Lavezzi - O.Avogadro) C'era una volta ma non c' pi dicono, io non ci credo te lo ricordi com'era blu parlano di questo cielo che invece sempre l uguale a un anno fa chi spera lo s. Un grande amore"
  • The W's Jason E
    "Jason E, strutting on by the presby The way you walk, you slur your talk, can you tell me - How could you choose the road you did? The walls behind which you hid? Who do you blame? Who should take the"
  • Dezire 75 E
    "Jemu wystrarczą jej duże oczy i jej blond wlosy toooo juz dosyć I wystarczą mu trzy zwoje w jej mózgu, najważniejsze że ma 75 E Ref: Wszystkie damy o których owy song spiewany said hooooo(hooooo) I panowie"
  • REO Speedwagon M-E
    "Lately we're acting like two kids in school, Spelling out things so he wont know we're through. We know it's over and we don't want to say, But letter by letter, he showed me today. And he really turned"
  • Barclay James Harvest, The Mr. E
    "Barclay James Harvest, The River Of Dreams Mr. E I know that you think i'm the lonely one Those black clouds always follow me No silver lining there for you to find No star-struck prince on bended knee And"
  • Zebrahead E-Generation
    "Mix, mix, stop now move around . Steppin up to the mic. Mic 1, mic 2. Rollin' step out the bathroom stall we got pharmacudials and alcohol. Watch smoke and the light bouncin' off the wall. With"
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Double E
    "Back in the country, living on the Double E In the sunshine of her life There's already a young fellow but Mom and Daddy won't let her leave Mom and Poppa won't let her go But when they go out dancin' She"

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