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-N-O-C- cleo

  • Anchor - Letters To Cleo
    "the anchor is a kickstand so you're going down with me to the wrong side of the quicksand and our flashlight destiny you can be the walker cuz i'm gonna be your wire you can be the ugly truth cuz i'm"
  • Big Star - Letters To Cleo
    "There it goes again, got a little habit. Oh, oh, oh, Stay away from him. Clinging, gnawing things Tucked away like secrets. Ah ha oh, Stay away from him. It comes and goes. He comes and goes. Look"
  • Boy - Letters To Cleo
    "you boy aint nothing but trouble the kind i aint seen in awhile and i gotta get me out of here dont go and ask crazy questions like i maybe dont know what im doin and i gotta get me out of here the farthest"
  • Clear Blue Water - Letters To Cleo
    "Cast out on clear blue water Saw nothing out there at all at all Picture a scene across to the other side Saw nothing out there at all Pack up some scant *possessions* For this trip you'll take to find what's"
  • Come Around - Letters To Cleo
    "Don't feel small when I'm looking down. Don't get too high if I'm looking up at you. And if the answer looks at me I'll still say I don't know it, not that I could come around anyway. Look your dreams"
  • Cruel To Be Kind - Letters To Cleo
    "Oh I can't take another heartache Though you say you're my friend I'm at my wits end You say your love is bona fide But that don't coincide With the things that you do And when I ask you to be nice You"
  • Dangerous Type - Letters To Cleo
    "Can I touch you, are you out of touch? I guess I never noticed that much Geranium lover, I'm live on your wire Come and take me, whoever you are She's a lot like you The dangerous type She's a lot"
  • Dreams - Letters To Cleo
    "Now, here you go again you say You want your freedom Now, who am I to keep you down? It's only right that you should Play the way you feel and Listen to carefully to the sound Of the lonliness Like a heartbeat Drives"
  • Find You Dead - Letters To Cleo
    "Once i knew this boy you wanted what you could get if you wanted is so bad why did you go and take it out in trade instead my momma cried she shook and wandered off to a different place and my daddy couldn't"
  • From Under The Dust - Letters To Cleo
    "It gets loud down here. Fourteen scurrying feet getting as far away as feet can carry. From under the dust I hear every one of you, from under the dust I can feel it all. I know what you're thinking."

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