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50 Cent - Straight To The Bank

  • Money In The Bank (Remix) - Lil Scrappy
    "(feat. Young Buck) Okay-kay-kay-kayyy, G's up, Lil Scrappy I got money BME (BME), money in the bank, G-Unit! I got money in the bank (yea) shawty what you drank I'ma get that, dough and fuck"
  • Weee straight - Twista
    "Yeah yall know what the fuck this is the legit balling family yo twista fire that shit up (Twista) All my legit ballers (what) all my legit ballers (wee straight) pull up to the club on dubs whey these"
  • Family Straight - Plies
    "I know sum people that say money change thangs I'm hear to tell you money don't change every muthafuckin thing Last ten years momma been workin' twice a day Grandma on a kidney machine, she done lost"
  • Bank Holiday - Blur
    "Grandma has got new dentures To eat the crust of pizza Bee taken out by daughter Because she thought she ought'a The kids are eating snickers Because they're so delicious Then there's sticky fingers And"
  • Left Bank - Air
    "Left bank, I'm waiting for someone Someone to be my friend Outside, traffic's running slowly I hear it from my window Without you, I'm getting lost Without you, there's no release I can't hold the sun I"
  • Bank Job - Barenaked Ladies
    "It was an upset in two minutes flat We were back on the freeway, foot to the mat I can't understand it; we had it down pat It's very upsetting, could we leave it at that? We all had positions; we each"
  • Soil Bank - Dave Dudley
    "Well there once was a time that this farm of mine was plowed by a mule and a man They worked from dawn till darkness just tryin' to civilize the sand Spikin' holes then placin' a seed like each one was"
  • Bank Account - 21 Savage
    "I buy new car for the bitch for real I tear down the mall with the bitch ]for real you can’t even talk to the bitch no! she fucking with the bosses and shit oh God! pull up in Rari’s and shit whit the"
  • 50 In The Clip - Dead Prez
    "(feat. Wu Hylton) Check this out! Alright it's going down like this right here You push you pay, nahmsayin, everything counts, the trips you pay double Keep your back straight and count them out loud C'mon"
  • Big Bank Take Lil Bank - Bow Wow
    "Ey swizz, I hope they got they bread right! I know you got yours I got mine Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank (lil bank) Big bank take lil bank"

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