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Agnes Obel - Aventine

  • Stranded - Agnes Carlsson
    "Boy, you got me stranded feelin for you And I dont know what to do about it Come on and help me through Boy you got me stranded with you Such a beautiful mind Such a beautiful soul I never met someone"
  • Big Blue Wall - Agnes Carlsson
    "Looking at me you never know I m fragilev Looking at me you wouldnt guessed that I might be yeah Afraid to crush afraid to burn less freely as the last time I let go All the shadows and suspicions making"
  • Don`t Pull Your Love Out - Agnes Carlsson
    "You wanna stay you wanna go You just dont know and then you turn to walk away I feel abraved and I cant take how it makes me wanna Chasing all around trying hold you back from making a big mistake Dont"
  • Gravity - Agnes Carlsson
    "Gravity, keep me on solid ground Gravity, come on hold me down I'm asking for it So touch me in an instant and I'll see again that I need you for it Extol me with compassion and I'm back to earth Consequence"
  • How Do You Know - Agnes Carlsson
    "Its been a long time and its really getting hard to fight it I know Cover it up but its much too hard to hide it is Hanging around I cant believe I didnt see it coming I wanna run away but I just cant"
  • I need you now - Agnes Carlsson
    "Im fine dont believe it You know me enough to know thats a lie Im close hard it is to say To total this as I barely holding on I need you now I need you dont turn away I need you now please dont turn me"
  • Look At Me Now - Agnes Carlsson
    "And I finally understand that I dont need your hand I know I can be happy with who I am Look at me now, look at me now I tried my best gave you what you wanted I gave you everything I could give You didnt"
  • Love me senseless - Agnes Carlsson
    "Im floating higher bring the atmosphere Youre everything but us just disappears Never plain like coming down from here I wanna melt into your arms into the stars Into the night and fly away Beyond any"
  • Love, love, love - Agnes Carlsson
    "My friends keep saying That I need patience Fools rushing, better slow down They keep saing but good things come But I dont wanna wait My heart is sakin , Im not mistaken The moment I saw you My whole"
  • Open Up Your Eyes - Agnes Carlsson
    "Your heart feels like gets me run over You call and ask if you can come over I say yes even though I know better But I guess I m hoping that you finally that her You run back here to my door Every time"

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