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Alyssa reid alone agane

  • Alone - Big Country
    "The midday sky was grey and purple at least it wasn't blue for I have been a lost and lonely and what I do I want the sky to be the way I am sailor on your sea you were sending me run aground by trusting"
  • Alone - Vern Gosdin
    "Alone, at a table for two, alone, waitng for you i ordered the wine like so many times before then chill crawled all over me, my god, this is how it would be if you just didnt love me any moreI never knew"
  • Alone - Falling In Reverse
    "Oh! This is the end of every thing that I've known Oh! This is the end of every thing that I've known So come on! White boy on the beat rocking Gucci sneaks All I do is win, Charlie Sheen Started out"
  • Alone - Unholy
    "The day was clear Unknown feeling You wake up and time stops You leave your body New dimension under sun Leave earth far behind Only in dreams you see it Alone... Spectrum through you Bombastic experience What"
  • Alone - EMD
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious and I wouldnt say that Im super religious But lately Ive been praying and hoping and wishing Is anyone out there willing to listen Im kind of worried about"
  • Alone - Toby Lightman
    "Everybody needs someone to cling to Everybody needs someone to call their own No one wants a love that you can see through No one wants to spend their whole life alone Someday I know he will surely find"
  • Alone - Marques Houston
    "Alone Na na na na na Alone Na na na na na I know (listen up) Questions cloud my head with why Tears on my pillow as I cry Makes no sense for us too say goodbye Impossible to hide this pain inside Thinking"
  • Alone - Bee Gees
    "I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke I could make a woman hang on every single stroke I was an iron manI had a master plan But I was alone I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind I remember"
  • Alone - Claude Kelly
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious. And I wouldn't say that I'm super religious. But lately I've been praying and hoping and wishing. Is anyone out there willing to listen. I'm kind of worried"
  • Alone - Nana Mouskouri
    "( Y. Gilbert / S. Lama / D. Jewell ) Alone between the sky and sea An island Reaching out to me Neglected A world apart rejected It's wild shore Deserted and unsought for An island An island A vision"

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