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Ancient soldier

  • Ancient Man - Deadboy & The Elephantmen
    "Pale child that was left behind, haunts me endlessly I can smell the churches burning, I can hear the fire's melody And you're moving for me baby, so graciously Feeling like an ancient man I got Heaven,"
  • Ancient Slumber - Necrophagia
    "(inspired by the movie Evil Dead...) many creatures have come to pass ties creeps ever so slowly winds of past reflections of the future eternal rest no more five closed minds provoking a force necronomicon,"
  • Ancient Prophecy - Antestor
    "Antestor Miscellaneous Ancient Prophecy Too Bad You Won't Live But Then Again Who Does Christ Was Dead But Now He Lives And They Who Live They Are Dead It's Not A Good Thing To Live In"
  • Ancient Verses - Aesma Daeva
    "Once there was myth and mystery. Now we destroy our ancient verse, our history. The eyes of my comrades watching, they haunt me. Dream a sinking ship in waters green; death down to fate; my sacrifice,"
  • Ancient Lullaby - Matisyahu
    "Mist rising on the horizon Listenin' with my ears and listenin' with my eyes and Listenin' until we've ridden the mud from the parasite Listenin' until our hearts start to glisten, realize Share the"
  • Ancient Highway - Van Morrison
    "There's a small cafe on the outskirts of town I'll be there when the sun goes down Where the roadside bends And it twists and turns Every new generation And I'll be praying to my higher self Don't let"
  • Ancient Lands - Dying Wish
    "Cold silence of never-ending space Green distance of mountains Steps into the unknown Dark depth oceans Old sanctuary of mother earth I'm looking for the land of miracles Cradle of every secret Eternal"
  • Ancient Sorrow - Paddy Casey
    "Got this ancient sorrow With everyone blaming each other for tomorrow Brother against brother When you were crying the wolves were at your door But you're too shy, you hope there can't be much more You"
  • Ancient Butterfly - Tenth Hour Calling
    "Fly my ancient butterfly Find balance between the wings When autumn is wrapped around you now And snow is falling I have ran into your riches They still call me poor But the thoughts of all eternity Bring"
  • Ancient warrior - Ozzy Osbourne
    "There's no end - there's no beginning -To the old man's storyDoes he still remember me -From lives gone byOh I see his spirit risingUpon the back of timeI've got nowhere to hideWill he keep a place for"

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