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Anthrax - Anthrax

  • Only - Anthrax
    "Everything is perfect Everything is sick, that's it You can't tell me to stop it You can't tell me not to quit, that's it Revolve around yourself It's you and no one else Hard for me to stay Swinging"
  • Room For One More - Anthrax
    "Fix the mental, as if that changes anything Your heart is cured now, you're normal once again One confession, you thought that's all it took But redemption, doesn't let you off the hook One of us Can't"
  • Packaged Rebellion - Anthrax
    "In and out Try to be What you see Anarchy Everything, everyone, everyman Rebellion But you can't make a move If you win then you lose Look at me to approve You're so hard, you're so real You got nothing Who"
  • Hy Pro Glo - Anthrax
    "I... Who, what, where, when, why, How many ways can you lie How many ways can you try How many ways can you die What am I gonna do I can't look at you What are you gonna do You're no hypocrite I bash"
  • Invisible - Anthrax
    "I'm wiping the slate spotless I vow this is your final chance Almost all but little faith has been thrown out the window I promise to sustain my stance You've taken everything from the get go And you've"
  • 1000 Points Of Hate - Anthrax
    "I hate you and you hate me I cannot not look at you and breathe So full of hate that I can't see My funny vibe is hard to miss Your ignorance can't be called bliss I have to wash my hands of this My mind"
  • Black Lodge - Anthrax
    "Worship the ground you barely walk on You give of yourself but your angels are gone Deny your body is screaming But your heart and your soul they're bleeding Just to fall asleep is a godsend Until your"
  • C11H17N2O2SNA (Sodium Pentathol) - Anthrax
    "If one day you'd backed up a promise you made We'd have to make it a holiday 'Cause we both know that day would never come again If one day your word was as good as gold It'd be too late cos I'd be too"
  • Burst - Anthrax
    "How much does an opinion weigh Does it really matter what I say I can't be responsible Be yourself or be a tool Who cares what you expect What is politically correct? All my ideas are in bad taste Get"
  • This Is Not An Exit - Anthrax
    "I know I'll never be free Change doesn't come easy And if I'll never be free You'll live in hell with me Fear, a contradiction Co-existense, darkness brought to light My own skin don't seem to fit me"

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