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Antony Santos

  • Play With Me - Paolo Santos
    "Play with me tonight Under these satin sheets We'll get our tongues twisted tight Come one and play with me tonight Our bodies will collide Throw myself at you Pretending I was flying Long hard day Looking"
  • Princess - Paolo Santos
    "the walls of my castle speak they tell me that you're not here the heart of my kingdom weeps knowing you're nowhere near give me one more chance to prove my love is forever true but you're miles away,"
  • Seasons Of Love - Paolo Santos
    "Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes how do you measure measure a year in daylights,"
  • Sunny Came Home - Paolo Santos
    "Sonny came home to her favorite room Sonny sat down in the kitchen She opened a book and a box of tools Sonny came home with a mission She says days go by I am hypnotized I'm walking on a wire I close"
  • Take Me - Paolo Santos
    "Take me to those arms, baby Take me to the sea Take me where your love Would bring me Help me to be free Is it clear to the sparkle in your eyes There's no fear or any old goodbye This is real, I can"
  • Through The Fire - Paolo Santos
    "I look in your eyes and I can see We've loved so dangerously And you're not trusting your heart to anyone You tell me you're gonna play it smart But we're through before we start I believe that we've only"
  • Without You - Paolo Santos
    "It feels like a lifetime, A thousand days have passed by Since I held you close to me If I could see that smile from my friend I know that I could live again I need you here with me Heaven knows what"
  • You Got Me Up - Paolo Santos
    "There was a time When I was so down Of feeling I just can't explain I was abandoned by the one I really love And I felt so/too much of pain And yes you came along Sat next beside me And a feeling of"
  • Hanngang Sa Huli - Erik Santos
    "Langit lang ang may alam Kung bakit di tayo nagkatuluyan At kahit na tunay ang pagsinta Tadhanang nagpasya para sa ating dalawa CHORUS: Kung magmamahal akong muli Mabubuhay na lang sa pagkukubli Dahil"
  • I Believe - Erik Santos
    "I believe we'll be together And we can be one again I believe in the end it's still you and I 'Coz you've been the best lover and friend Deep in my heart I know that You never meant to walk away And I"

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