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  • Detonate - Beck
    "I'm a strapped-in loner, I was heedin' that shame You never shake my hand, you never know my name A crack house cooling, just chewin' the floor I pass out cold and I go look for some more I got all kinds"
  • Yr Love Is Weird - Beck
    "The sun is down when I'm around In this town, I wear the frown 'Cause your love is weird, your love is weird Your love is weird, your love is weird I feel the strain, I use a cane To walk the lane of"
  • Deep Fried Love - Beck
    "talking Dunk my heart in a vat of lard, it's getting all crispy and it's gettin' all hard Deep fried love, come on give me the grease Shove that hamburger down your throat, Pass the ketchup, I can, I won't,"
  • Hollow Log (Demo) - Beck
    "Go where you want to Do the things you feel Walk around with a broken leg And a hundred dollar bill Get yourself a pistol Get yourself a dog Stay up all night gettin' drunk Sleeping in a hollow"
  • Gettin' Home (Take 2) - Beck
    "Tell my baby I'm gettin home now Tell my baby I'm gettin home She don't need me I don't need me Who's gonna need me? Someone's cryin, somone's changin Someone's stayin just the same She don't live"
  • Fume - Beck
    "My friend picked me up about quarter past five Stopped and got some donuts and we took a little drive Had a can of nitrous, we rolled the windows up Now we're breathing deeply, breathing deeply And there's"
  • Why Can't I Believe In You? - Beck
    "One time I knew a pleasure so few Needless to say, that time has gone away You were too kind to be so cruel Why can't I believe in you? I remember when you were my friend You eased my mind, but you burned"
  • Ace Of Spades - Beck
    "Your silver blade, your ace of spade Ain't gonna help you when your coffin's late If you want it, can you get it, and you got it, and you're gone Then duck your head down the bend Ain't lied to the devil"
  • Whiskey Be Your Lover - Beck
    "The sun is shining today on the things that won't go away You're getting fat in that old Stetson hat But you're looking good just the same Born of whiskey and the things I can't stand Whiskey be your lover,"
  • When The Water Will Take Back The Land - Beck
    "Like they said in the days of old One day your faces will grow mold For the judgment is close at hand When the water will take back the land From the tallest of the tall To the pick-axe on the wall When"

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