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  • The Answer - Bob Seger
    "The answer's in the question Will you be home late again Will you find the courage When truth come closin' in When trust is almost broken Faith is hard to find The answer's in the question Will you leave"
  • Weaver's Answer - Family
    "Weaver of life, let me look and see The pattern of my life gone by, Shown on your tapestry. Just for one second, one glance upon your loom The flower of my childhood could have fit within this room Does"
  • The Answer - Incubus
    "(MMMMmmmmmmmm........ hemp?!) Step outside the bounds and take a big look at the times we live in. Who appointed you? You're just an avid image on my screen. So take your bias point of view away"
  • An answer - Mando Diao
    "And the feel I feel the ? (wowax??) And I see that they are wrong (?) 'Cause in my ? (hell?) it's ? (worl?) in someting And if you could see what I have done Oh, I think you would be disappointed 'Cause"
  • The answer - INXS
    "I am like you are sure of differenceFor the reason without treasonHoping if we fall down you seeAll things broken into piecesAll of you take time win free sufferinWait through all love straight to your"
  • A. ~answer~ - Misono
    ""otona ni nareba motto tsuyoku nareru" tte omotteta shoujo no koro... hayaku otona ni naritakatta nandemo dekiru you ni naru kara "kodomo wa shicha ikenai koto" ga ookute... na noni ima dewa sunao na jiyuu"
  • The Answer - Al Sirat
    "Sitting alone, waiting for nothing, I'm asking to myself what are my fears? Maybe the one, that I'll find nothing to explain my flight into the flames... Isn't it the senseless fight? What am I looking"
  • The Answer - Josh Kumra
    "The road was miles ahead It fell away, now I'm at the end Just a sky, the fall, and you Got holes in my parachute So many questions in my head Then you say Never gonna find all the answers Answers will"
  • Answer Is Love - Porter Wagoner
    "Things seem to worsen as time goes along we stand bewildered and ask what is wrong We say it's a pity but that's not enough we've asked a question and the answer is love The answer is love to all of the"
  • The Answer Lies - Air Supply
    "(graham russell) Reach into your heart when you are near me The answer lies at hand Throw away all your fears of getting nowhere For all your moves are planned So don't spend too much time waiting by"

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