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Bambee - Cowgirl

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Bambee - Cowgirl
  • Marty Robbins Queen Of The Big Rodeo - 1974
    "Gather 'round cowboys I'll tell you a tale A story that's hard to be told Of a trick ridin' cowgril we loved and we called The queen of the big roder Wherever she went she was always acclaimed As the"
  • Labrinth Treatment
    "(hoh-oh baby, oh baby) (hoh-oh baby, oh baby) Cowgirl, cowgirl why'd you leave me high and dry You had a heart but then you put a hole in mine Listen - I wanna break down You don't understand the damage"
  • Peaches I'm The Kinda
    "I'm the kinda that you wanna I'm the kinda that you wanna I'm the kinda that you wanna I'm the kinda that you wanna I'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with I'm the kinda bitch that you wanna get with I'm"
  • Garth Brooks That Girl Is A Cowboy
    "It was a hundred and seven We werer heading to town She had her sleeves rolled up And the windows rolled down That girl is a cowboy Robert Earl was singing out The "Buckin' Song" With every word that"
  • The Cramps Don't Get Funny With Me
    "You think you're funny. But, your face beat you to it. You look like somethin'. In the Bronx Zoo. It ain't no joke. You're very chimpanzee. Don't monkey with Tarzan. And don't get funny with me. I see"
  • Chris LeDoux Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights
    "Under the skies of old Big D he works a nine-to-five Bending steel and driving nails by phone in a suit and tie He fights traffic in his Mercedes to put on his cowboy boots Then he climbs on board his"
  • Alison Krauss Let Me Touch You For Awhile
    "It's been a long time coming, As you shed a lonesome tear. And now you're in a wonderama, I wonder what you're doin' here. The flame no longer flickers, You're feeling just like a fool. You keep starin'"
  • Aaron Tippin You Gotta Start Somewhere
    "ever since that night you walked out I just ain't been the same ol' me I've barely had the strength to leave the couch to turn on my tv but a man can't hide away forever and last night I finally told"
  • Kra Let my touch for a while
    "Its Been a Long Time ComingAs You Shed a Lonesome TearNow Your in a WonderamaIm Wondering What Your Doing HereThe Flame no Longer FlickersYoure Feeling Just Like a FoolYou Keep Staring Into Your LiquorIm"
  • Hanoi Rocks Don't Follow Me
    "Well, she used to be an ordinary cowgirl She could handle her daddy's gun when she was young And I never believed she'd turn out to be an outlaw Now she is the rebel on the run Now she's a stranger always"

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