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Blan space Taylor Switch

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Blan space Taylor Switch
  • Absynthe Minded Space
    "Somebody got a second chance, man He tries to get a grip It ain't easy to be truthful When your story's all about jail Somebody is watching The money sign stamped on your back They have seen your camera And"
  • Slavko Kalezić Space
    "Linen is covered with feathers Come in to me from within We can be as one in the sky The spaceship is ready to blow Drunk in love I’m gonna explode Be my Bonnie We’ll mix and match with Clyde Let’s explore"
  • The Beautiful South Space
    "If there's space out there enough for the moon Surely your little heart can make some room If there's room in the hemisphere for so many stars There's surely a satellite we can name ours They're building"
  • The Beta Band Space
    "Start is the end More or less Do you brake for the bend? More or less The Milky Way results from the crowding Of extremely faint stars Friend is a fruit More or less Love it but you lost a tooth"
  • P.O.D. Space
    "Here we come Jah right And the sight you mighta heard If the word ain't feelin the streets beat the third The fourth if ya ready Ya make my belly get sick The way you talkin so loud Who you rollin with Move"
  • Steve Kilbey Space
    "If you're not a commodity, why are you so scarce Invisible even in your solar flares I battled your intensity You really got propensity To burn, to burn Stumbling 'round the moonscape With the gravity"
  • Freshwater Collins Space
    "Just want to tell you about my straight faced kinda place Your faults drowned and retraced the steps you have taken and the progress you're makin' I don't wanna forsake it or fake it lordie, prepare to"
  • New Model Army Space
    "You walk the thinnest of the ice, so easy to hurtWe drove through the dark in the pouring rain and barely said a wordSo dress your wounds as best you can and close your tired eyesTry to climb away from"
  • Mr. Walker And The Pimps Mrs. Taylor Rap
    "My name is Mrs. Taylor, I have gout I'm really fat, so check me out. My rumpus is huge, and not too tiny My voice is quiet, but not my hiney I'm the man with the masta' ham Watches are the hands that strangle"
  • Roger Miller Big Harlan Taylor
    "I once had a sweetheart the fairest of maidens She outshined all others that I'd known by far I had me a friend named Big Harlan Taylor Harlan had a rubber tied new shiny car All the ways of the world"

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