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Bliźniaczki olsen

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Bliźniaczki olsen
  • Olsen Twins Honky tonk hip hop
    "Break out the rhinestones and the denimPull on your fancy boots, your cowboy hatThe wild west is where we're headedIn mini-skirts or a pair of chapsFrom Nashville to New YorkThey're doin' a dance that"
  • Olsen Twins How the west was fun
    "That winter was a bad one,for thirty days it snowed,the minute school was over,we packed the care and hit the road.It teetered there, the worse for wear.A dude ranch in decay, the bunk house leaked,the"
  • Olsen Twins Hugged by you
    "Sometimes when the rain fallsOr when I'm feeling, really sadOr if I get lonelyOr if I've behaved real badChorus:I'll get hugged by youI'll feel betterThrough and through'Cause I've been hugged by youI"
  • Olsen Twins I am a kid
    "I am a kid. Let's get that rightI'm red and yellow. I'm black. I'm whiteOn a sunny day, on a stormy nightGonna toot my whistle, gonna shine my light.I am a kid.I am a kid.I am a kid.I'm a kid. I'm a kid."
  • Olsen Twins I am the cute one
    "I am the cute oneIt's obviousThere's no comparingThe two of usI'm not to blameThe facts are plainI've got the looksI've got the brainsAnd I am the cute oneShe's just my sisterI am the cute oneEveryone"
  • Olsen Twins Sore feet
    "There's a blister on my sister from too many Grande JeteAnd there's nothing I can do to make it go awayWith bandages applied, she looks so undignifiedIt's a sad athlete who's got sore feetChorus:Welcome"
  • Olsen Twins Stayin' cool
    "It's so hot if we were corn we would be poppin'.Feel like a sponge somebody used to do the moppin'.We'll be the Blister Sisters if we don't start chillin'.If we could bathe in frozen yogurt, that'd be"
  • Olsen Twins Swingle bells
    "Jingle bells! Yeah!Jingle, jingle. Jingle, jingleJingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all the way,(Jingle, jingle)Oh what fun it is to rideIn a one-horse open sleigh, Oh!Jingle bells, jingle bellsJingle all"
  • Olsen Twins That funky musicology
    "Panthelogy? What's that? Sismology? Beats me.Rheumatology? Radiology? Musicology? Musicology!Chorus:Play the funky, funky, musicology!Play it on your radi-adi-adiology.How I love it, love it, love it!Gosh"
  • Olsen Twins The ghost song
    "It floats up the stairs, it floats down the hall.It floats into my bedroom, right through the wall.It glides post my dresser, to the bedpost. I swear.I'm looking at a ghost! Naaaaa!There's no such thing!"

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