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Bocoran togel Hongkong malam ini dri admin pusat 4d

  • You - Dri
    "Today i want to be with you for the rest of my life Tomorrow i may never want to see you again That's how it goes, people change But you know that i don't have to tell you I think about you all the time I"
  • The Target - Dri
    "Somewhere, out past nowhere I was born in the middle of an air raid Since i hit the dirt, i was on the run The son of a gun and a switchblade Got my uzi lying on my bed stand I made napalm in my sink Pipe-bomb"
  • No Religion - Dri
    "Won't see me on my knees Take my soul and save it, please Ten hail Mary's for my sin Paying heaven to get in Got no money for your basket A million times you can ask it Find your bible far too odd Ain't"
  • Fun & Games - Dri
    "Step on mine, I'll step on yours Take what's mine, I'll take what's yours Bleed on me, I'll spit on you Inconsideration Part of the game Voted rules Are always changed Plans are made But rearranged And"
  • Oblivion - Dri
    "The day has come, the time is near For all to end. It's true, it's here It's all over now, no way to stop The button's been pushed, the bomb's been dropped The city is melting, the sky burns red The ocean"
  • Snap - Dri
    "No, there are no easy answers To sum up the problems which we face History's a lesson, let us learn by our mistakes Just don't expect to make sense Out of what you see For I can tell you now that Knowing"
  • I'd Rather Be Sleeping - Dri
    "From sun-up to sun-down Decisions make my head spin round Make me drunk, sick and tired Keep me up 'till I retire And while I could be out bar hopping Meat market, rocker-chick shopping Out there, chasing"
  • Marriage - Dri
    "Beginning with its conclusion Misdirected by what's right Actual illusion Weakened by its might The deserving marital value Priced for quick exchange Is worth in the open market Only half its weight in"
  • Yes Ma'am - Dri
    "Teacher moves me from seat to seat All I do is talk Teacher may I use the bathroom please? Yes, it's an emergency Teacher makes me take my test first I'll take your test Trapped inside this hourglass Thoughts"
  • Thrashard - Dri
    "There's a gig At 5th and Main Gonna catch the bus Or take the train We'll steal or find Or borrow cash And we'll be there Ready to thrash The band kickes in They begin to rage No-man's land In front of"

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