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  • Pica Luna - Arab Strap
    "Every man needs a tit to suckle but some days I'm sure my legs will just buckle. Good morning, mister magpie, how's the lady wife? You've been sitting there for years now, studying my life. So you"
  • Stink - Arab Strap
    "Burn these sheets that we've just fucked in. My weekend beacon, I've been sucked in. Just one more time and then you'll get tucked in. I think you might still be my best. Come with me 'cause I want"
  • (If There's) No Hope For Us - Arab Strap
    "If our words were once sweethearts, now they're ugly, violent thugs. How did our language come to this? We speak in grunts and sighs and shrugs, and we never used to let just one spare moment go to"
  • Chat In Amsterdam, Winter 2003 - Arab Strap
    "If we're having so much fun, how come I'm crying every Monday? Is it just to cancel out the laughter from Thursday 'til Sunday? I spend the next two days in my bed and I wonder what it's all about, and"
  • Don't Ask Me To Dance - Arab Strap
    "You know I've felt like this before, I know you have felt it too, But maybe I don't want to dance, Cos I've not had as much as you. Our lives did not begin, The very moment that we met. I don't want"
  • Confessions Of A Big Brother - Arab Strap
    "I used to be so proud of thinking I was such a liar. In the covert world of romance, brother, I was just a try-er. Woman was the enemy and victory the point where I'd successfully knocked someone's"
  • Come Round And Love Me - Arab Strap
    "Hurry and finish your unhealthy breakfast, then it's straight back to bed. Did you bring something with you today to fuck away my sore head? My first afternoon in your hands, and the loveliest yet. Put"
  • Speed-Date - Arab Strap
    "The ugly tattooed swingers euphemise and call their mucky hobby "trysts," but if I saw another man touch you, I'd break his fucking wrists. Monogamy's not natural, we can't survive, that's what he'll"
  • Dream Sequence - Arab Strap
    "Give me your gibberish tonight and talk to me with your eyes shut Make me giggle in your sleep, and I can dream that you're a slut And when I wake up stiff, please just feel free to use me Then go to work"
  • Fine Tuning - Arab Strap
    "If you take a sock off, then I'll take a sock off. We'll do one for one 'til we're both bare. And with our tongues click-clicking, the big bright clock stops ticking as we make a right mess of your"

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