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Bronski Beat Hard Rain

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Bronski Beat Hard Rain
  • Hard Rain Shame For The Bad Boy
    "Now you found that open doorway Everyone could see a wall Well, you should've listened to yourself When you knew you'd got it all There's a shadow at the roadside Still waiting for you there, yeah, yeah Well,"
  • Bronski Beat I Fell Love
    "Searching for some company feel the rhythm dance with me. Them beat boy blues seem out of place Now they want the party pace party pace. Dance dance on the floor; dance dance feel some more Dance dance feel"
  • Wiz Khalifa Work Hard, Play Hard
    "Work hard, play hard /x4 Work /x8 Diamonds all on my ring nigga Gold watches, gold chain nigga Hundred thou' on champagne nigga Yeah my money insane nigga Yeah I'm making it rain nigga But I was just"
  • Burton Cummings It's Hard
    "It's hard to live your life in pain It's hard to stand 'gainst the blindin' rain It's hard to live love on the brain Look out... here it comes again Well look out, here it comes again It's hard to"
  • Jethro Tull Hard liner
    "Hard liner, she brings ice when I bring fire. She's a hard liner. Tightrope cross Niagara She'd cut the wire Never feel a thing. Walked the sidewalk of another strange avenue. Kicked my heels and wished"
  • Angie Aparo Hard Woman
    "She would love to be free From the lonesomeness It's so easy to be The girl nobody gets Hard woman to love But I know she ain't so tough A hard woman to love Like a little girl when we touch She walks"
  • Lil Fizz Go Hard
    "what you know about the automalls crome best no frost low key when i floss a nigga couldnt guess the cost and if u gotta ask you prolly cant afford it aint about ya cash then you prolly should ignore"
  • Blind Iris Hard Track
    "When you were born You were free to choose You were given a choice You could win or lose From the time you could talk You could yell or listen Was it you voice or someone else's vision? Do you believe"
  • Voice Of The Beehive So Hard
    "(By Tracey Bryn, Peter Vettese & Melissa Belland) I have a destiny, I have a vision dear It's as translucent and rain and glass are clear i am a problem girl, I have a habit old If I got silver I'd"
  • Never Heard Of It Hard Headed
    "Have you ever felt some days You might just fade away You had it in your hands And you watched it slip Through once again Like a broken glass stone You're not good for anything You're not gonna"

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