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Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe'

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Carly Rae Jepsen 'Call Me Maybe'
  • John Frusciante Maybe
    "Maybe, if I pray every night You'll come back to me. Maybe, if I cry everyday You'll come back to stay. Ohhhh, maybe... Maybe, if I hold your hand, You will understand, And maybe, if I kissed your lips"
  • Harry Connick Jr. Maybe
    "Maybe far away, or maybe real near by. He may be pouring her coffee, She may be Straightning his tie. Maybe in a house all hidden by a hill, She's sittin' playin' Piano, He's sittin' payin' a bill. Betcha"
  • Wendy Matthews Maybe
    "Maybe it's time to swallow my pride Maybe it's time to turn the tide Maybe I'm a slow learner A slow burner Maybe I'm an only child Maybe you're sublime Maybe you'd be mine Maybe your the fortunate son Maybe"
  • Annie Maybe
    "Maybe Far Away, or Maybe real near by, he maybe be pouring her coffee she maybe straighting his tie maybe in a house, all hidden by a hill she is sitting playing piano he is sitting playing a fill Bet"
  • Annie Soundtrack Maybe
    "Annie Soundtrack Miscellaneous Maybe Maybe far away Or maybe real nearby He may be pouring her coffee She may be straighting this tie! Maybe in a house All hidden by a hill She's sitting playing piano, He's"
  • Alan Sorrenti Maybe
    "Alan Sorrenti Miscellaneous Maybe I love you, maybe I don't Maybe I'll need you, and maybe, baby, I won't I guess I don't take the time to let you know what's on my mind Maybe I've been blind Maybe I'm"
  • Robert Kramer Maybe
    "Maybe this is what it is Maybe there's no more Just a ceiling with holes in the roof And maybe no floor Maybe sometimes theres only night Sometimes only day All your problems are out of sight But"
  • The Moody Blues Maybe
    "Maybe Maybe I'm wrong To go on thinking, to sing my song Maybe This world's falling down Call up the trumpeters and knock the walls down Someone who needs Someone who feels Someone who sees can find you Slowly Slowly"
  • Moody Blues Maybe
    "Maybe, Maybe I'm wrong To go on thinking, to sing my sing. Maybe This world's falling down, Call up the trumpeters to knock the wall down. Someone who needs, Someone who feels, Someone who sees can find"
  • Alison Krauss Maybe
    "Yesterday the odds were stacked In favor of my expectations Flyin' above the rest Never fallin' from the nest Tuesday came and went and now I'm in a little situation Maybe it's for the best I can live"

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