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Come '

  • Y'all Come - Bobby Bare
    "Y'all come y'all come oh y'all come to see us when you can Y'all come y'all come (oh y'all come on over to see us now and then) The kinfolks're comin' comin' by the dozen eatin' everything from soup to"
  • Come Alive - Calabrese
    "No one's watching, no one cares Living in the shadows of the pitiful world Time to ------, time to play ------- gets away (?) from the television Monster, monster, come alive Open up your ---- and come"
  • Come out - Emiliana Torrini
    "Hey handsome you I'll take a guess Your sitting pretty butt and awful mess Alone on earth Unwanted guest An ugly duckling in a peacocks nest Come out, come out Stop hiding in your shell and dream alone"
  • Come Along - Elvis Presley
    "Come along, come along, there's a full moon shining bright Come along, come along, we're gonna hit st. louis tonight Spend your money looking at the chorus line Spend your money, win it on the number 9 Take"
  • Come Undone - Jackson Waters
    "[1.] There are ways that Ive been falling There are times that Ive been So weak There are moment I hear redemption calling But Im too far down to speak Come sweet fire of mercy Cover up my skin Warm"
  • Come Back - Cheka
    "Oh Baby i just want to let you know (oh) That i'm waiting (no, no, oh) that I'll be waiting rite here (nanananana) so whenever your ready (oh) whenever you change your mind just(no, no) just come back you"
  • Come Around - Rockin' Roaries
    "I come around And I tell you what I want to say. I say I love you. I say I love you. Then I say (Then I say) Come around And act like you never did. Come around And stay comfy in my bed. Come Around."
  • Come On - Wynn Stewart
    "COME ONE Writer Wynn Stewart Mmm-mm-mm-mm Mmm-mm-mm-mm Come one, I'm givin' you the come on Come on, let me hold you tight Mmm-mm-mm come one I'm givin' you the come on Come on, be my baby tonight Yeah,"
  • Come Home - Placebo
    "Stuck between the do or die, I feel emaciated. Hard to breathe I try and try, I'll get asphyxiated. Swinging from the tallest height, with nothing left to hold on to. Every sky is blue, but not for me"
  • Come Again - General Public
    "there's been so much eye for an eye now i can't tell which cheek to turn look how we double deal just to keep the pack at bay ah now i'm asking the whys & whens he's coming back for a second term and i'm"

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