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Czeski run

  • Run - Bitch Brigade
    "Youve been keeping all your secrets in the dark. Ive been waiting for a chance and now the time has come to see just what you are youre all alone. And it kills but you know you have to pick your"
  • Run - Hunter
    "RUN. (c. Char Hunter) 1.) You're a little deseased, to think you're easy on me. I tried so hard, to make you see. What kind of man, has his torture pre-planned, you know what to do, 'cause I'm"
  • Run - George Strait
    "If there's a plane or a bus leaving Dallas I hope you're on it If there's a train moving fast down the tracks I hope you caught it Cause I swear out there ain't where you ought to be So catch a ride,"
  • Run - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Jadakiss) Pss.. yo, yo, yo (yo son roll!) Oh shit, yo, yo, run! Aiyo, I jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground The pound fell, cops is coming Runnin' through the pissy stairwells,"
  • Run - Selasee
    "Check out the real situation and take a run upon the road cause I and I wanna get so strong So I say Go and run and run upon the road let your heart beat faster, faster it's gonna make your body stronger so"
  • Run - Rehab
    "What the fuck is wrong with you I can't see through the shit you do I turn my back and you come in my house and try to snatch my baby You really want to go to war? Fine! push you back on your own"
  • Run - Lodovica Comello
    "run in the movement of your heart that keeps you away and if you stop and stare slow down you’re on the right way you’re breathless and so weary today your steps are so heavy again but if you look in a"
  • Run - Bloody Mess
    "Run Till the end of your time, till you die Till none of your memories survive Till you break like a child and you cry For life I will hunt you down if it costs me my life You’ll pay for what you did"
  • Run - Air
    "Holy girl Don't get up For running Stay with me I feel sad When you run Sands of time Are lying On my chest Stay in bed I feel sad When you run Stay like this On the hills Of my chest"
  • Run - Cappadonna
    "Where you goin? Aren't you scared we'll get you? Look for me all you want, you're not going to find me Crack backs, heavy on the cash, all night at the drug site, we hung tight 3:00 in the night, ounces"

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