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  • Remember - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Newspaper blanket covers my view But I still get the story through The more people that I meet The less friends that I keep Words roll off my tongue like spit I reighin again get used to it The dust you"
  • Remember - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "''(Narration)'' Now every moment the angel spent listening his time on earth diminished but the angel found himself waiting there until each story was finished he had only several hours left for the quest"
  • Remember - Jasmine Guy
    "holding a list of paining i can remember all the things i can remember good and bad times i can love you only if you wish i open my eyes and let the world be mine you're my life holding a list of plaining holding"
  • Remember - Hagen
    "Remember us when you hear this song in a hundred years or more Just think of us as we think about you and you'll see that we're not gone Smile with us and we'll sing for you The song will last and we"
  • Remember - Elton John
    "I fell in love with you one September Between the ashes and the dying embers What happened to our dreams Nothing so it seems But I fell in love with you Remember If the phone forgets to ring this evening And"
  • Remember - Be Free
    "There will come at night, maybe in our dreams Precious moment of passion Though Im here now, I always something missing Wy sweet words for you So many exiting things had happen between us To forget it"
  • Remember - Arkadiusz Matuszak
    "I feel you every day I feel how you look into my eyes baby I look at every step I take take care of me I’ve chosen my skin I Remember you YOu Remember me baby you still love me you could not leave"
  • Remember - Nemesea
    "I hear voices in my head They won't stop haunting me Can't breathe, my thought are killing me They are my enemy You knew how to sell your lies I followed easily Misled couldn't see what you were like You"
  • Remember - Presence
    "I'm sendin' this one out to my man Sean Barnes Wanted to tell you what's been going on since you've been gone Every week the crew has dinner with your moms And me you know i'm chillin' i'm still writin'"
  • Remember - Agathocles
    "Things done in the past, can be undone. I can't close my eyes and wish they were gone. There's nothing I can change, the facts will still remain. It isn't fair of you to stay I'm to blame Can you remember"

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