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Deph loop

  • B.L.U.R.E.M.I - Blur
    "Group using the loop of another popgroup Group shooting the hoop And starving it up into the soup 'cause I'm of regular features and Adidas trainers completing the cycle teenage maniacs will bring"
  • Human Tornado - Unida
    "Smile, the smile you used, you choose this hard life, yeah Get in, the villain stole your true love And the room, the room, the room that he gave you his hand and bottle, the bottle he used was just a"
  • Drijfzand - Ruth Jacott
    "Volkomen onverwacht ik smolt toen ik je zag je geeft me weer 't gevoel dat ik leef Maar gaat dit niet te snel ik heb je toch verteld dat er iemand is om wie ik veel geef Vriendinnen zeggen ''ruth, je"
  • The delaney - Libertines
    "On the bus the other day You could tell right from the start Theres magic in the? Can you play guitar boy Can you play guitar The truth is known the drums they roll I loop the loop on the old banjo Say"
  • Dance On The Wind - Maddy Prior
    "I soar with the draughts and balance on the wind Coal black and at ease I drop, I swoop, I loop the loop Tumbling above the trees. My partner for life well matches my flight Through weather sharp or fair We"
  • Déjà vu - Katy Perry
    "I live of the echoes of your I love you;s But I still feel the blows from all your don’t want to’s When you’re drunk You say I;m the one Then you wake up you suck my hope it in a vacuum Cause every"
  • The Mysterious Ticking Noise - Potter Puppet Pals
    "Snape: What is that mysterious ticking noise? Snape (mumbling): Not over here, not over there (Stops and looks to his left and right) Snape: Kindacatchy. (Continues bobbing, and now starts talking to a"
  • Love like laughter - Beth Orton
    "Some of the worst wrongsGet righted on three chordsLike a promiseOr a kiss goodbyeWhen the sneer on your lipsIs the liveliest thing,Just alive enough to dieI open my heartIn my heart there's something"
  • D.E.F. - The Anywheres
    "Every time you speak a stream of bullshit fall to the ground and every time you breathe I can smell the burning embers of truth all around Every time you cry One tear is always shed for yourself and every"
  • Limbo - Royal Blood
    "Wake up ebery morning Almost surprised i surviv4d Bloon on the pillow Tears in my eyes Slept in a murder scena last night Nobody move Nobody gets hurt On loop the loop Can’t hert out of reverse Stuck"

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