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Electrafixion Timebomb

  • Only Lonely - Jon Bon Jovi
    "Another long and sleepless night You need someone to hold you tight Sometime love don't know wrong from right Another long and senseless Fight was all you knew they're all the same There's no one left"
  • Thick Is The Skin - Skid Row
    "Eightball, hanging overhead Flushed out like Frankenstein One more, for the living dead That's not, me this time Knocked down, I've been down before Yet still we bare the load If I would, want it"
  • When Saturday Comes - Def Leppard
    "Wind me up and see what I can do for you Switch me on, I'd do anything you want me to Let me go and I come ticking like a timebomb Just call my name and I come running like a marathon The magic and"
  • Damn Good - Trixter
    "Hey man you better get a grip Or you'll be fallin' off the edge real fast You find yourself a lady and you're bending over backwards While she's passin' time spending all of your cash Hey bud open your"
  • Cold War - Northern State
    "Cold War I'm seeing something very curious I swear to god nobody listens to me I'm serious You don't need a degree To see the world is full its fillin up its full And now you're talking all that And that"
  • Any Means Necessary - Hammerfall
    "I won't pull the trigger Just to see you die No remedy to make me come alive I'm ticking like a timebomb, (Need) no fuse, just guts and gore (To) initiate the burning of the core I count down to zero,"
  • About To Blast - Downset
    "Step up to this! Witness anger from this raised up fist. The hood is jacked up bad, and more pain will come to exist. Well, whose fault is it, and who's to blame? Well, I'm pointing my fingers at the ones"
  • Today - Patrice
    "Chorus: I will change the world today I don't care what the people say There's a brighter day to come Cause I'm a rebel I kill the devil I was so close to resigning Saying fuck the world and just move"
  • Mentally Mad ('97 Remix) - Ultramagnetic MC's
    "(Ced) With the power ammunition (Kool) bombs and hand grenades (Ced) are concealed (Kool) to blow your ? up (Ced) Distort your blood vessels (BOTH) WITH TREBLE, DISSOLVIN HUMAN SKIN INTO LIQUID, FLAMING"
  • To My Face - Tribal Ink
    "It was nothing but a fantasy (I knew it) But I had a lot of fun before (I blew it) Isn't that what everybody says? That you can't eat the cake if you piss on it I put my money on a card roulette And"

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