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  • My Fish Family - Jewel
    "There's a man on the front porch Says he's related to me But lately I'm finding It hard to believe This house is filled with Spooks and ghosts They say they're family But they are strangers at most They're"
  • Poor Little Fish - The Jayhawks
    "Chorus: Poor little fish, swimming in the water Hide behind the coattails of your father I've been alone so long I thought I'd never last Stuck up on a shelf like an old dusty hat, yeah But then"
  • Fish And Chips - Chuck Berry
    "Fish and Chips A little coke and you, oh, babe Honey drips Two more to go, oh, babe Let's go on back The trip will be groovy, oh, babe Jump in the sack Flip your mood, oh, babe Come to me I really do love"
  • Just Plain Fish - My Superhero
    "won't you come with me? where the water meets the trees won't you come with me? we'll fish until we find the sea we're going fishin' tonight well i've got to know where to go we're going fishin' tonight we've"
  • I'm A Fish - Tripping Daisy
    "Sitting on the ocean floor, feeling all insight Diving to our big fish bowl now Everything's alright Swimming is all that you do for fun And dodging hooks from the man up above I'm a fish I'm a cool fish I'm"
  • Happiness & The Fish - Our Lady Peace
    "I confess Everyone is overweight And I'm obsessed Talking is just masturbating Without the mess Addiction leaves you sad today & unimpressed I can't remember all the names Everyone you meet today Is just"
  • Fish For Nails - Laika
    "Let me out I'm a cloud I can't live here anymore Turn the sky inside out I can't live here anymore Fish for nails in a drought I can't live here anymore Always ash in my mouth I can't live here anymore I"
  • Dry-Land Fish - Kentucky Headhunters
    "DRY-LAND FISH Written by Anthony Kenney, Greg Martin, Fred Young, Richard Young, and Doug Phelps >From the album "Songs from the Grass String Ranch" Vocals: Fred Young Well, springtime is coming and everything's"
  • Too Many Fish - Karmin
    "Too many fish in the sea to miss one /x4 Guess what? If you caught one You can catch another one /x4 I was fishin' for a real good man Any second bout to reel one in A little bait and I had one hooked I"
  • Fish And Whistle - John Prine
    "I been thinking lately about the people I meet The carwash on the corner and the hole in the street The way my ankles hurt with shoes on my feet And I'm wondering if I'm gonna see tomorrow. Father forgive"

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