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  • Sacred - Amel Larrieux
    "Is there nothing sacred anymore When Celebrities are deified And we're still calling some countries third world And Crimes against little ones Are punished with little laws And Girls are taught"
  • Senseless - Negative Format
    "I can't make sense of this It's my reflex to exist Programmed to change tomorrow Not bound by destinations I can't make sense of this It's my reflex to exist Modeled to break the cipher Complicated by"
  • Good Things - Buckcherry
    "Can't stand working Stayin' out fucking late Downtown scream on the odds are I'm getting laid Before you hit the door There's a tweeker in the bathroom I fought the law And the mother fucker took me"
  • Mended Every Feather - Vendetta Red
    "If I made a suit From human flesh To hide all my little flaws Then could you Stand on the side of me Cause when they threw me out of Heaven They forgot to take my wings And I have mended every feather With"
  • Looking Into The Soul - Born Blind
    "You sure can talk some smack, you do it to the back, muckraker exposing flaws, but you are perfect? The rudder in your mouth is pulling others down. Why don't you take some time, to look into the soul."
  • You Don't Need To Bother - Dakona
    "Wish I was too dead to cry The self affection fades Stones to throw In my creating Massive kicks to which I cater Chorus: You dont need to bother I dont need to breathe I'll keep slippin father But once"
  • I wish i had a parachute - Bright Eyes
    "Well I wish I had a parachuteCause I'm falling mad for youI can see the ground approaching nowBut I'm not sure what to doI feel like the pinataOnce you take a swing at meIf you could just crack the shell"
  • Sunny Day - Zug Izland
    ""Would you show me the door? My apologies I will slither out across the floor I will crawl out on my knees I'm ugly, my soul is ugly too I have so many flaws I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do I hate"
  • Perfect - Thirteen Senses
    "Clothes to us dressed in ironed shirts The smoke it fills our homes, But its nice to feel it Rise up through my bones, Take it easy as it goes and laughs the most Who ever lights a fire No one sweat"
  • Song - Smog
    "I'm a bit like a soldier In the way I wear no uniform And choose not to fight And fight all night For some other cause Have Mercy I'm a bit like the grave digger Who wields no shovel And digs no hole But"

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