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Folsom prison

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Folsom prison
  • 16 Horsepower Prison Shoe Romp
    "are ya listenin' boy the man he hung see you've heard it said that's what he done for me did ya hear that girl -- the man he calls your name you best go to him it's he not me can loose your chains then"
  • Today Is The Day Black Iron Prison
    "Like a dream... She comes... Hard... I can't see... I think I'm blind... No sensation... Life is no fun... (x4) This is my test... I tried not to hurt you, To make it be alright, My words can't cut through, I"
  • Adair The Prison Island
    "I'm afraid to shut my eyes. I'm shaking uncontrollably And this life support is failing. All the phone lines have been cut. This is not happening. It's this ocean that I cannot wish away. Goodnight sweetheart. There"
  • Made Out Of Babies Mr. Prison Shanks
    "Everyone is staring at the screen get off your knees and go quietly I'm knocking at the door and scrambling into fits I hope that you turn out right Everywhere the sky is scaly gray get on your feet and"
  • Azad Prison Break Anthem
    "Ich bin fr dich da und wenn hart folgt auf hart. Ich werd' tun, was ich tun kann, bis ins Grab, durch die Hlle und wieder zurck, gemeinsam ans Ziel, auch wenn niemand uns hilft, gib' nicht auf Bruder,"
  • Yoko Ono Born In A Prison
    "We're born in a prison, raised in a prison, Sent to a prison called school. We cry in a prison, we love in a prison, We dream in a prison like fools. Wood becomes a flute when it's loved, Reach for yourself"
  • Rodney Carrington Prison Bitch(Complete Version)
    "They say our love is taboo, that what we're doing is wrong. But I don't care what they say, 'cause my love is so strong. They tell us we should be ashamed, we're not husband and wife. But I cherish each"
  • John Lenon Born in a prison
    "We're born in a prison Raised in a prison Sent to a prison called school We cry in a prison We love in a prison We dream in a prison like fools Wood becomes a flute when it's loved Reach for yourself and"
  • Cliff Richard Locked Inside Your Prison
    "Your love is like a prison wall And it's getting higher I get so far and then I fall I can't get through the wire Oh oh oh I'm locked inside your prison Oh oh oh I'm locked inside your prison It's as"
  • The Offspring When You're In Prison
    "When you're in prison, don't turn the other way Keep your back against the wall When you're in prison, don't turn the other way Do not bend at all Oh don't pick up the soap, pick up the soap It's bad"

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