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Hair - Aquarius

  • Hilda's Hair - Roger Waters
    "Man: "I shall hear no evil...and thou shalt accompany me all the days--all the days of my life...uh...lay me down in--in--in green pastures..I...I don't know anymore..." Woman: "That was nice, really."
  • Twisted hair - The Band
    "This was the way of itLet the story fires be lightedLet our circle be strong and full of medicineHear meThis is my dream song that i'm singing for youThis is my power song that is taking me to the edgeThis"
  • Hair (tłumaczenie) - Ashley Tisdale
    "Jestem w nieładzie Jestem rozczochrana I kocham cię, słodziutki Tak, to jest to co robisz Kiedy rano przeczesujesz palcami moje włosy Czuję się jak seksowna supergwiazda Wow, wow Rozkręcasz moją imprezę Chcę"
  • Aquarius - Let The Sun Shine In - The Fifth Dimension
    "When the moon is in the seventh house And Jupiter aligns with Mars The peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius Age of Aquarius Aquarius, Aquarius Harmony"
  • Cut Your Hair - One Bad Pig
    "Youre so cool, only twenty-three A rock n roll stars what you wanna be Cant get a job, cuz your hairs to your knees Quit school, cant spell priorities Nows the time, boy, for you to grow up Better get"
  • Loana damned hair - Rammstein
    "Loana damned hairLoana damned hairLoana damned hairLoana damned hairAff Never saw a so damned hair as hersIt is worse that the of marli of portuguesehummmmthinking well anything is damneder than thatahuahauahauahahuWill"
  • Mad Rad Hair - Blood on the dance floor
    "Mad rad hot hair make them jealous bitches, DAMN Hot Hot chii it up extra volume tease it up fashion multifox hot sceen it on the cat walk colour chunks lush hot razur cut jagged im fenny not a faggot scene"
  • Braid My Hair - Mc Mario
    "Verse 1: When you look at me I know you see A 15-year-old getting his gold Back and forth to the studios Hoppin' out limoseens rockin' the latest jeans Jodan's fresh T-shirts new And even though These"
  • Hair And Skin - Mazzy Star
    "Your hair and your eyes I saw them in the night Your face, your disguise I felt it in the night Your cool clammy skin It could be right beside me I saw you swimmin' over here You looked so fragile And"
  • Sister Golden Hair - Floorfilla
    "See circles in the hair See cirles in the hair Sister golden hair see cirles in the hair Well I tried to make a Sunday But I got so damn depressed That I set my sight on Monday And I got myself undressed I"

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