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Heili Text Heilo

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Heili Text Heilo
  • Visaci Zamek Hymna Sibenicnich Bratri
    "Cas: 2:40 Text: Christian Morgenstern Jeden, dva, tri, ctyry. V tom strasnym zmatku zit a pit, nas tu ted houpa tenka nit, pavouk tka site za skrehotu zab, do ucesu uz vitr hrab. To je hymna sibenicnich"
  • Visaci Zamek Modlitba Sibenicnika
    "Cas: 2:48 Text: Christian Morgenstern Kdyz vzhuru stoupal luny kruh, nahlas jsem vzkrikl Pomoz Buh, v palachu nedalekem jen zaby sili skrekem Kvak krak kvak krak tak dokola a nejinak Kvak krak kvak krak"
  • Visaci Zamek Pisen Pro Zofii
    "Cas: 2:01 Text: Christian Morgenstern Zofie jis katuv chleb Pojd pohlad mou dutou leb Z hlavy mi cas ukrad vlas Ty vsak spanily jsi zjev Ty vsak spanily jsi zjev Ty vsak spanily jsi zjev Zofie jis katuv"
  • Vader The Book
    "Liquid, sticky messages Stories that meander and trickle Communiqus that cruise with no end Whispers of slow ooze and drain Reading takes you inside Slow observant attention Tracing plots uncovers Layers"
  • Rebecca St. James Jesu' Joy Of Man's Desiring
    "By J.S. Bach English Text by Bernard Gasso Arrangement by Byron Hagan, Tedd T. & Rebecca St. James Jesu' joy of man's desiring Thou whose love shines down like a guiding light Drawn to thee with souls"
  • Triumvirat The March To The Eternal City
    "Marching on a dusty road They are on their way to Rome Countless slaves to go to war And they are fighting not alone On their way so confident They are carrying missile and spear The desperation disappeared And"
  • Jimmy Buffett Everybody's On The Phone
    "(Jimmy Buffett, Peter Mayer, Roger Guth, Will Kimbrough) Message in a bottle, rhythm of a drum Smoke signals and telegraphs make the airwaves hum But that's all ancient history like bongs and Lincoln"
  • Zavorash The Legion Of Vengeance
    "The Legion Of Vengeance (Text: T.Scorn, Music: I.Hate) A passed sacrifice unknown to the living - All these kingdoms sacked Goals justifying means - Vengeance on banners black Preachers of truth - Teachers"
  • Wilhelm Toll D
    "Schocker Seppl what a son of a gun turn diis Meitschi mit d Gitarre an chratz uf dm Ding, yodel and sing Schocker, Rocker Seppl have fun! Stiig ufs Mlcherschteli, Man Glleg'schtank isch better than Citysmoke,"
  • Wilhelm Toll Mr. Suppressor
    "High on your horse, Mr. Suppressor You never come down to earth You gonna stay up high, so you miss, what's going on! We're in a fever about a hundred-and-ten to meet each and every important man to get"

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