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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch
  • Kris Ros Our Time
    "Love Work Rest Repeat Every Day Is The Same But I Know Now Better Days Will Come The Days, When The Sunrise Gets You High Two Lovers Living In July This is Our Time Baby, Take Me Home This is Our Time,"
  • Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper!
    "There once was a little girl Who had a crush on a bad, bad boy But when that bad boy got out of prison That little girl's ass was in big, big trouble Daai bra Anies, hy's n fokken gam bra Haai! Daai"
  • Die Antwoord Rats Rule
    "Rats, rats, everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there's rats Rats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographs Rats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socks Living"
  • Die Antwoord MY LIFE IS A PORNO
    "Uh yo that dropped out what the fuck? How do I, hang on… Oh there we go Shits fuckin' banging, okay, yo Yeah, uh, first up I’d just like to say Fuck you, Thomas Look at me now Up in fucking Zef Studios,"
  • Die Antwoord DON'T SLEEP
    "Hom Salute ma se kint Ja, if they can lie to you then they can steal from you, my bru If they can steal from you, they can kill you It’s not my fault I was born into this fucked up world Not sure how"
  • Die Antwoord DA GODZ MUS B KRAZY
    "Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Gwala my Uh! Ma se poes! Wat? Ja! Hoe change hulle? Chaise Chaise Chaise Chaise Spiet! Wie"
  • Die Antwoord Stoopid Rich
    "(Stoopid rich) I got dough, I got steeze I got fucking champagne, I got weed Big house on the hill in amongst the trees I got anything you want, anything you need Cause I'm a mother fucking baller, I'm"
  • Die Antwoord Alien
    "I am a alien No matter how hard I try I don't fit in Always all on my own, sad and lonely All I want is for someone to play with me Long ago I was a little girl yet I was never ever able to fit in My"
  • Entombed Left Hand Path
    "Left Hand Path I am my own God Master slave and I will be beyond the grave No one will take my soul away I carry my own will and make my day I am my own God See the truth beyond Through endless lies"
  • The Underachievers Philanthropist
    "First things first, let me lay it down Young Indigo nigga here to take the crown So you can wait around if you'd like to, spiteful Heart full of hate, no eighth to get high to Thou can't relate to I, the"

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