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  • Shine Like It Does - INXS
    "This is the power Since time began Every single hour That we have known And from each moment All that is left Sleep of the innocent Just one desire Shine like it does Into every heart Shine like it does And"
  • Suicide Blonde - INXS
    "Suicide blonde, suicide blonde Suicide blonde, suicide blonde Suicide blonde was the colour of her hair Like a cheap distraction For a new affair She knew it would finish Before it began Something tells"
  • The One Thing - INXS
    "Well you know just what you do to me The way you move soft and slippery Cut the night just like a razor Rarely talk and that's the danger It's the one thing You are my thing You know your voice is a"
  • The Stairs - INXS
    "In a room above a busy street The echoes of a life The fragments and the accidents Separated by incidents Listen to by the walls We share the same spaces Repeated in the corridors Performing the same"
  • The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) - INXS
    "Welcome to the strangest party baby It's like were staring at the sun Everybody's got their invitations Hoping that your gonna come, yeah These are the times These are the crimes What are we waiting for What"
  • What You Need - INXS
    "Hey, here is the story Forget about the trouble in life Don't you know, it's not easy When you gotta walk upon that line That's why - You need That's why - This is what you need I'll give you what you"
  • Days Of Rust - INXS
    "Dirty money Washed rich Suck my honey It's a cinch Use your delusions To get ahead I'm not faking A single breath You say these days are made of rust Counted out Counted out in loss I've got plans to"
  • Viking Juice - INXS
    "If this was easy Where would I be I haven't said I have all the answers How could anyone Can't stop looking at the lights All around my head I'm missing the darker side Of the man He's on his knees Looking"
  • Questions - INXS
    "How do you know when it's time for you to go How can you stop when you don't know how to start How can you go back when you don't know why you're here How can you see when your eyes begin to fade How will"
  • Communication - INXS
    "Light beams from outer space Drifting to your satellite Your dish responds Communication disinformation So entertaining Blood money blood money It's wild in here There's a girl on the floor She's gonna"

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