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Khayden kross

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Khayden kross
  • Redd Kross Neurotica
    "It's coming up now, baby 'cause you brought it to us Feeling oh so crazy I just don't know why ... just because Neurotica's coming down fast Take me to your couch babe Recite some Sigmund Freud Let me"
  • Redd Kross Any Hour, Every Day
    "Distortion, that's what you are Naked electric guitar While I'm watching you I see myself Yes the time is right And I want you now I'd lose my dignity Just to have you one more time Any hour every day Well,"
  • Redd Kross Misery Is Mother
    "Who knows why we are Prone to return Want to return to hell We know it well If misery is mother We will pay And that's alright, that's alright Authors of pricey answers And cures Cast impotent spells And"
  • Redd Kross You Lied Again
    "I remember you When you were clear Super human youth Won't last a year I heard that bastard sing And I found the anger The kids want to hear I'll come around If you don't Put me down Because you lied"
  • Redd Kross After Scholl Special
    "I had a hunch You stole a bunch Of you little brother's ritalin pills today Come and get me out of class Call in a bomb threat it'll be a blast After school (after school) After school (after school) After"
  • Redd Kross Lovedoll Superstar
    "Superstar, lovedoll superstar Superstar, lovedoll superstar I don't know why they left us Oh god, where did they go But they'll be back you know They can't leave us this way Patch found jesus, bunny was"
  • Redd Kross What Went So Wrong
    "I just want everything To be alright o.k. But now I find I've lost the words I have nothing to say Aaahh... Aaahh You used to comfort me What went so wrong What went so wrong Now you're hating me What"
  • Redd Kross Jimmy's Fantasy
    "Climb the mountain with your fingertips Right hand strumming while the left hand grips Broken fingers turn to broken dreams Nobody splits until the hag screams Howlin' Wolf will never understand Doty"
  • Redd Kross Lady In The Front Row
    "You look so fine But are you too old too be the first in line Die hard dedication Would you give me a standing ovation So bad you stand in her place You better go now Oooh you better look out The lady"
  • Redd Kross Vanity Mirror
    "I cannot see The nudist or the queens Of Satenteen I cannot find Love is the trash to those That we leave behind Nobody knows exactly where we go I've got a fear I'm afraid of the vanity mirror I can't"

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