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Kraftwerk Showroom Dummies

  • I'm The Man (That You Are Not) - Crash Test Dummies
    "Here's a nasty little queen There's a boy who loves his mother Here's another operator Thinkin' that he's got it covered You're in a jam You're tied up in knots And I'm the man That you are"
  • Is The Spell Really Broken? - Crash Test Dummies
    "Is the spell really broken? Has the time finally come? Do they see it's an omen? That it's over and done? Have they seen the thing coming? Or do they pretend? Do they know that it's finally Beginning"
  • Everlasting Peace - Crash Test Dummies
    "The slow march of the army The dragging of the boots The laying and the waiting Until someone starts to shoot Where is there this silence, then? This everlasting peace? You'll find it on the cold blue Smiling"
  • Sonnet 2 (And Back In Ages Past) - Crash Test Dummies
    "And back in ages past, when all was dark A whirling chaos raged across the land Survival of the cruelest left their mark And evil came, and shook the hand of man The brutal rampaged on their bloody way The"
  • The Beginning Of The End - Crash Test Dummies
    "And when the rain begins to fall And there's flooding in the streets And everyone is drowning And everyone retreats And if there ever is a time When death becomes your friend It is when you watch it all"
  • You've Had Your Run - Crash Test Dummies
    "The cards are dealt, the bids are in The faces, poker straight The air is full of smoke and sweat The men are full of hate Rest your tired bones, my friend The game is nearly done However much you might"
  • There Is No Final Winner - Crash Test Dummies
    "There is no final winner There is no final score The men have left the playing field and play no more The hours have been counted The work is finally done And now the night begins to fall on everyone The"
  • Stupid Same - Crash Test Dummies
    "I know the guy who we can blame I even know his middle name I never liked his stupid games And if he tries to hunt us down Or thinks that he can fool around Well, we'll find him first and he will see He'll"
  • I'll See What I Can Do - Crash Test Dummies
    "I could love you once or twice I think you'd find it very nice But then I'd have to call it quits And tear you're little heart to bits I think you're gonna come with me I think you'll like it, too And"
  • Your Gun Won't Fire - Crash Test Dummies
    "All that shit's in the past But it still seems to last When you're layin' in bed Thinkin' 'bout what you said So don't bother tryin' You're whole world is wired You can set your sights But your gun won't"

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