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  • Black And White - Reckless Kelly
    "Life goes black and silent like the night that fills the air Searching for reason like you never had a prayer Its funny how those things you took for granted all along and now there gone Chorus: But it"
  • Black And White - Alex Parks
    "Coloured eyes escape me I only see in black and white It leaves me darker than the night So, fall in from the moon Trickling from the eye that watches you I can hold you back I can wait and watch you"
  • Black And White - INXS
    "Could be clear black and white Make a decision Got a need inside and I don't know why It's a strong feeling that grows and grows One day - my life is out the door Next day - you show me what it's for One"
  • Black Or White - Sunz Of Man
    "(feat. Ancient Coins) Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album) Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album) Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man.. album is out there) "
  • Black And White - Britny Fox
    "T. Paris, MK Smith, B. Childs, J. Dee Liplock warrior only got a story Her laser lies cuttin' you through Woman don't you waste it only wanna taste it No-talk session for you Sex-ya on the red line"
  • Black And White - Wildpath
    "Facing the fate as they reached the cave Looking for glory, fighting for their king Bleeding for faith until their last breath The keeper is beaten, their kingdom'll be proud They ruled the fight and they'll"
  • Black And White - Cryptic Slaughter
    "Violence throughout the land Racial groups, they plan attack I'm tired of white man's crimes It looks to be for good this time Brother and brother They kill one another Without a real cause Fight for"
  • Black and white - Discount
    "For a minute you force contentmentyou make me like me like i amlike i could walk in place foreverit would make things more comfortablefor you for you for youIn comes oxidation with any mentioni catch that"
  • Black And White - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Une ngresse Qui buvait du lait Ah ! se disait-elle, Si je le pouvais Tremper ma figure Dans mon bol de lait Je serais plus blanche Que tous les Anglais Un Britannique Dvant son chocolat Ah ! se disait-il, Et"
  • Black And White - Acceptance
    "Another day in my life, another day, I'm insecure, how I'm portrayed in this world Maybe it's my skin, I know that it's not my mind, that's brought on this social attack And now I know, what you see isn't"

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