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Let you down nf

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Let you down nf
  • George Harrison Let it down
    "Though you sit here under the church I can feel me And I think that I am cursed And I do I do I can only hide what I do see She still won't look at me Oh, you occupy my mind I can feel you looking Look"
  • Christian Walz I will let you down
    "I won't like to, be by your side'Cause you act likeyou're sorry you liedAnd I've found out, we are notYou won't get thatI tried a lotI can't get along with the thoughtOf bringing the stars to your heartStep"
  • Andrew Wk Never let down
    "Never wanna break your heart Never wanna make you cry Never wanna give up and die Even if you can't stand up Even if you lose your life I'm a friend by your side You're never gonna be alone You can never"
  • Chris Brown Let Me Take You Down
    "Verse 1: Here we are all alone in this room (oh) and girl i know where to start and what we gonna do (yeah) i'll take my time we'll be all night girl so get ready babe I got plans for me and you it ain't"
  • Rick Astley I'll never let you down
    "Me, I'm just a simple guyAnd no matter how hard I tryI may never show you how I feelYou may be the woman I loveI sometimes think that you've been sent from aboveI am trying to be a manHeaven knows, I do"
  • Omarion Let me hold you down
    "I been watchin you for a minuteCome through here some sweets in itYa life girl, ya need me in itI'm determined to win itI know what you needI know what's wrongI know how to make it tightEverything will"
  • Andrew W.K. Never Let Down
    "I never want to break your heart Never want to make you cry Never want to give up and die And even if you can't stand up Even if you lose your light I'm a friend by your side You're never going to be"
  • Area-7 Let Me Down
    "It's the morning, I wake up all alone Surrounded strangely, I know I'm far from home I hit the road but will it lead me back to you? I don't know where you are, but there's nothing else to do Well I still"
  • Kenny Lattimore I Won't Let You Down
    "Chorus: I wont let you down Dont worry bout me leavin Ill be around So good, so right, everyday, every night Hey, girl with the sad eyes I want to kiss the pain away Just wanna hold you long enough to"
  • Jonas Brothers Let Me Down
    "I saw you there, you walked away. There was nothing I could say. You call me just to say you're mad at me. Baby, Baby, can't you see? That the truth is I did nothing wrong.. Why can't we just get along? I"

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