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Lionel Richie piosenka You Are

  • Sweet Love - Lionel Richie
    "Show me a river that's so deep Show me a mountain so high I'll show you love that'll last forever Flying high, so high Ah, show me a place where dreams are for dreamers And all the things you wish come"
  • Why - Lionel Richie
    "It's been this many years It's been that many years And still have to ask the same question Why? Why don't it feel like it felt on the first night When you and me would kiss at night Remember what we"
  • Love oh love - Lionel Richie
    "Show the world and all it's people All the wonders love can bring Give us strength and understanding Give us all one song to sing! Let the music play Play it loud and make it clear It's time to stand up"
  • Ball And Chain - Lionel Richie
    "Here I am standing in the mirror, looking in my eyes Trying not to fool myself, and realize Times are getting harder for us to get along Everything about this love is all going wrong You keep on telling"
  • Piosenka - Diesel Boy
    "Its three years gone still I rattle on This crazy world is moving fast Here I am guitar in hand I wonder how long this will last I wish you could see what this means to me It means more than I could ever"
  • Supa Richie - Richie
    "Ist's eine Fliegtasse? (Nein!) Ist's ein Schraubokopter? (Nein!) Was ist es dann? (SUPA RICHIE!) Hey, Moment. Da vorne werde ich gebrucht. Vanille-Eis das magst du nicht, doch es ist heiss am Strand, Supa"
  • Say You - Lionel Richie
    "The heart of the city street was beating. Light from the neons turned the dark to day. We were too hot to think of sleepin'. We had to get out before the magic got away. We were runnin' with the night playin'"
  • Serves You Right - Lionel Richie
    "La, da, da, da, Oooh, oh. You and I were so in love. You were all I was thinkin' of. There was so much magic in your eyes. Then one day you said we were through. You said you found somebody new. And then"
  • Stuck On You - Richie, Lionel
    "I'm stuck on you I'm stuck on you I'm stuck on you Stuck on you I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose Guess I'm on my way Needed a friend And the way I feel now I guess I'll"
  • Stuck On You - Lionel Richie
    "Stuck on you I've got this feeling down Deep in my soul That I just can't lose Guess, I'm on my way Needed a friend And the way I feel now I guess I'll be with you till the end Guess I'm on my way Mighty"

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