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Looking aufwiderzehn

  • Looking For It - Jann Arden
    "Il bite the hand that feeds the pain Il lay my life down for love I lost the truth, I lost my way But I am looking for it Oh I am looking for it now I am looking for it Oh I am looking for myself"
  • Looking For Something - Era
    "Looking for something Something new Something good Something fast Something exciting Looking for something Something warm Something real something strong Something exciting Looking for something Something"
  • Looking For It - Arden Jann
    "Arden Jann Miscellaneous Looking For It I'll bite the hand that feeds the pain I'll lay my life down for love I lost the truth, I lost my way But I am looking for it Oh I am looking for it now I am"
  • Inside looking out - Alan Parsons Project
    "To touch the skyA dreamer must beSomeone who has more imagination than meTo reach the starsA dreamer must flySomehow he must live more of a lifetime than IFor sands of time won't waitAnd it may be too"
  • Looking for freedom - David Hasselhoff
    "One morning in Junesome twenty years agoI was born a rich man's sonI had everything that money could buy,but freedom I had noneI've been looking for freedomI've been looking so longI've been looking for"
  • Looking for you - Paul McCartney
    "I thought I saw your shadow in an old doorway but when I looked again I thought I made a big mistake, it was someone else, who looked a little like you, but now I know, ah ha ha, ain't no one like you."
  • Looking For Love - The Babys
    "Up in the sky deep in the sea I'm looking for love Where can it be Been everywhere And I've asked everyone I'm looking for love But love can't be Day after day The need in me grows The more that"
  • Looking For Someone - Sarah Slean
    "I've been looking for someone But I don't know his name. All the faces before me, they all look the same. But there's got to be one face, and one pair of eyes that will light me on fire when they're looking"
  • Looking for love - Michelle Featherstone
    "Did I bother you again? Did I interrupt? I only know how to pretend With a small talk and such Could you taste my nervousness? Could you sense my fear? My mouth feels dry and I confess I don't think that"
  • Looking For Love - September
    "Been a mighty good girl Living like a slave to your words And I thought you should know I'm coming up with nothing to show Mama, no more charades Saying it ain't gonna play Mama, what do you see Is anybody"

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