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Luca silence

  • Dress - Taylor Swift
    "Our secret moments in a crowded room They got no idea about me and you There is an indentation in the shape of you Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo All of this silence and patience, pining and"
  • Tears In Rain - Tarja
    "Dominos fall In a house that's empty Still of the silence Is deafening Not even a trace Our existence erased By this quiet game I wish I could feel But I can't remember What was forever Is never more There's"
  • Fools Gold - Nemesea
    "Sew my heart on my sleeve My innocence is leading me Towards the guillotine Of broken and forgotten dreams 'Cause my heart Speaks in tongues I'll always fail to move on 'Cause your words will always Burn"
  • Sugar - Fleshgod Apocalypse
    "Push... This sugar will kill your pain... Push! Sate your frustration Quench your sick desire Sweeten your pain with fairy dust As desperation melts down this toxic powder On that spoon you set your"
  • Asimbonanga (Mandela) - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "Chorus: Asimbonanga--------------------(We have not seen him) Asimbonang' uMandela thina-----(We have not seen Mandela) Laph'ekhona--------------------(In the place where he is) Laph'ehleli khona--------------(In"
  • You'll Never Find Me - Korn
    "life is degrading in silence they’re making me spun out inside my own head spewing and craving this darkness is baiting me down the road to my own death I can’t take this I might break it watch it all"
  • Seth - The Unguided
    "Every now and then I see them (The) footsteps I’m supposed to walk But the shadow falls dense around me I’m just a candle to a roaring bonfire Father, your ultimate sacrifice Gave me safe passage back"
  • I Think I'm OKAY - Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Barker
    "watch me take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night catch me I’m the one on the run away rom the headlights no sleep up al week wasting time on people I don’t like I think something’s fucking wrong"
  • Melody of Love - Hot Chip
    "you left space for my in this life coz there are voice which we cannot dream in this life all you need to here is moving in the air all you need is here beyond the sphere all you need to here is moving"
  • Evermore - Divine Ascension
    "Making waves, waiting for a lifeline For the taking is an essence as pure Though we stay we're bleeding from the inside A world of torment that we should not endure Weight of the world lies in expectations Lay"

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