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Luca silence

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Luca silence
  • Star Salzman Silence
    "The radio static is buzzing again, The clouds are silently moving against the wind I walk along the pathways of my own desire, Again and again and again Intangible thoughts and feelings I can't control, Surface"
  • Emo Side Project Silence
    "silence calls out now left memories in the dust to rot a flower bloomed today but it was still useless and thrown away you've been here all along it's the reason that i wrote this song i guess the"
  • Fool's Garden Silence
    "Silence - You're beautiful.It would be more than a crimeto end your missionand to restrain you once again.Feel what you have to feel,leave to arrivein the land of freedomand of non-violencetonight.Now"
  • Pulp Silence
    "At first / I could say / I could say or do / just whatever I liked You would / you would not / You would not answer / that's alright Oh / I can't believe in the morning of your silence You will never"
  • Theatre of Tragedy Silence
    "This interference's shifting A soft accent cascading A second glimpse of falling TVs Draws me in too easily Some kind of nonchalance Contains my will to chance The avidity of youth The navety of you Somewhere"
  • Company Flow Silence
    ""I was once was told of a mutant who could twist space around him and now it seems that I've met him!" Chick this out Company Flow manifests itself in many different ways We rhyme like this is the last"
  • Jars Of Clay Silence
    "Take, Take 'til there's nothing Nothing to turn to Nothing when you get through Won't you break, Scatter pieces of all I've been Bowing to all I've been Running to Where are you? Where are you? Did you"
  • ACIDMAN Silence
    "Tsuyoku nezuku kigi no uta ga, oto wo hisome shiroi iki wo yadosu DEEP FOREST why do you stay? motome tsuzukeru wagami to DEEP FOREST why do you stay? tomori tsuzukeru hokori to Tariru mono wo tarinu"
  • One Dollar Short Silence
    "I want to light a match and set you on fire I want to watch you fall twelve stories to the sidewalk below I want to hold a loaded gun to your head Semi automatic 15 rounds/one in the chamber The edges"
  • Vinnie Paz Silence
    "(Vinnie Paz) Yo, I mastered the flow, I know death more than Lazarus know, And me defeated is infrequent like Nazareth snow, Hold your earnings cuz I ask so your ashes can blow, Hold the burner in the"

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