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  • Hey - Mandy Moore
    "C'mon! One! Two! One, Two, Three, Four! Verse: It was a couple of years ago I was sitting beside my window And never will make the same mistake 'Cause that's when he walked on by For almost a year,"
  • It's Christmas - Mandy Moore
    "I'm not supposed to feel this way We're closing in on Christmas day When the world is upside down, we're gonna make it through somehow Don't you worry, we'll be fine Snow will fall and stars will shine"
  • Kissing Game - Mandy Moore
    "Hey yeah Oh, oh Oh I like the way I like, I like, I like All summer long we have been together And it never felt so good. Cause when I'm with you It's such a good time. Yes it is And when you get next"
  • Lighthouse -A Walk To Remember - Mandy Moore
    "Let the light From the lighthouse Let it shine on me I wonder (I wonder) If the light from the lighthouse Would shine (would shine) Would shine on me Here is my thought This is my plea Lord let your holy"
  • New Direction - Mandy Moore
    "it seems to me, i cannot breathe when youre around you leave me there, in the cold of lost and found Ive been lookin for a new direction Ive been looking for a new connection need someone whos gonna make"
  • This Beat Is Hot - Mandy Moore
    "Here we go. here we go again, lets go Like 007 im on a mission Makin' people dance droppin sucka's who dissin Keep the crowd movin coz the beat is kinda soothin yo' the ear yo Coz,i give u what u wanna"
  • Walking In A Winter Wonderland - Mandy Moore
    "Sleigh bells ring, are you list'ning? In the lane, snow is glist'ning' A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight Walkin' in a winter wonderland Gone away is the blue bird Here to stay is a new bird He sings"
  • We're Dancing - Mandy Moore
    "When the goin starts to get rough, and you feel like you've had enough, let the music....take control of your soul Take a chance and do what you feel, Your voice, they cannot live without it You gotta"
  • Winter Wonderland - Mandy Moore
    "Sleigh bells ring are you linstening in the lane snow is glistening a beautiful sight we're happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland Gone away is the bluebird here to stay is the new bird He sings"
  • Planet Of Love - Mandy Barnett
    "(Jim Lauderdale/John Leventhal) I've found a new planet, that only I can see Just came back to get you, let's leave this misery Nothing can reach us, so far from harms way Only sunshine, and rainbows"

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