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Middle finger bohnes

  • Middle Fingers - Death By Stereo
    "No heaven, no hell, just this wonderful place, This is our battlefield, we fight for our ways, Ways to reach freedom, to be who we are, Taking back our lives, and breaking down the walls Here today but"
  • Middle man - Babes In Toyland
    "I taste your love You waste my mind I've become hungry All of the time For something I've never Savored before But it's the less, that You feed me, from this Empty shell, I myself become You fed me I ate"
  • Middle East - Neulander
    "it's coming up from the ground growing to a different sound we've got water running through our veins helps to get past all the bad things a little boat shipped across the sand a hot wind blows over the"
  • Middle Man - The Dingees
    "Stay alive to see what we do and what will come up next It's quite obvious that you're oblivious you make a breeze complex No one wants to see you out there acting like a child Stumbling curses on the"
  • 12th & Middle - Brandtson
    "two of us sitting alone again in silence wondering what your eyes might see me as this time sometimes i wish you thought out loud it's so much different now you and i meeting again another circle better"
  • Middle Class - Hello Saferide
    "You and me, let's steal a car, let's rob a bank, let's travel far, let's wear these shirts my grandpa used to wear. And then I'll be happy, I swear. I'll point the gun, you'll keep the engine running,"
  • Middle Cyclone - Neko Case
    "Baby, why'm I worried now, Did someone make a fool of me 'fore I could show 'em how it's done? Can't give up actin' tough, It's all that I'm made of. Can't scrape together quite enough To ride the"
  • City middle - The National
    "Karen, take me to the nearest famous city middleWhere they hang the lightsWhere it's random, and it's common versus commonLa di laI've got five hundred in twentiesAnd I've got a ton of great ideasI'm really"
  • Middle Sea - Yuck
    "I don't wanna wait forever I don't wanna wait I wanna it now Move away across the ocean Move away across the ocean Is the dream I don't wanna live forever I don't wanna live I want you now Move away"
  • Middle Child - J. Cole
    "Niggas been counting me out I’m counting my bullets, I’m loading my clips I’m writing down names, I’m making a list I’m checking it twice, and I’m getting them hit The real ones been dying, the fake"

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