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Mustard Plug Sorry Now

  • Something New - Mustard Plug
    "From what I remember The first time I saw you You gave me hope for something new Do me a favor So I can do one too You gave me hope for something new Now it's all I see That what I really need Is just"
  • Copasetic - Mustard Plug
    "Electric pulse sent to my hand Pen to paper, paper sent to man 2000 65 degrees Written in our house amongst the trees We've lived here since summer '94 Broken windows, hearts, maybe more I've licked the"
  • Not Enough - Mustard Plug
    "time has come you think it's over yeah ya had enough burned out and over-rated time to give it up but then the spark ignites the flame and now you realize why you came you know it's hardly over it's not"
  • Get It Goin' On - Mustard Plug
    "get it going on(get it moving) listen up children, heed the words i say there are people here amongst us, who have lost their way some people have forgotten what its all about rock-n-roll is here to make"
  • Lolita - Mustard Plug
    "Lolita, I wanna meet ya I wanna take you in my arms and squeeze ya, 'cause you amaze me, ya really slay me and every touch just drives me crazy. But the world won't accept the way I feel, and the man"
  • Mend Your Ways - Mustard Plug
    "I think there's something, you should know Time to hit the road, find the door, yeah ya gotta go Cuz I been down this road now a million times I've heard every one of your bullshit lines If ya think I'm"
  • Go - Mustard Plug
    "Spent too much time alone, just sitting by the telephone now I've gotta find a place to go I've got a right, I've got a dream, I gotta know Why can't you see I need to find this place to go? The wrong"
  • Jerry - Mustard Plug
    "What were you thinking when you took all these lives in your hand What were you doing, was your death considered in your plans You took so many, You took so many with you on your way You even took our"
  • You Can't Go Back - Mustard Plug
    "Slow summer so Rick Johnson booked a show At the Ice Pick, fucked up punk rock club Used to go there way way back in the day I walked in, seemed like nothing had changed You can't go back, you can't go"
  • The Freshman - Mustard Plug
    "When I was young I knew everything And she a punk who rarely ever took advice Now I'm guilt-stricken sobbing with my head on the floor Stop a baby's breath and a shoe full of rice now Can't be held responsible She"

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