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Naomi Shelton

  • When somebody knows you that well - Blake Shelton
    "Tommy's Daddy kept a six pack in the fridge We thought we were old enough to do what Daddy's did It didn't take us long to go from drunk to really sick When I walked in my house I stumbled just a bit You"
  • Austin - Blake Shelton
    "She left without leaving a number she said she needed to clear her mind he figured she'd gone back to Austin because she talked about it all the time it was almost a year before she called him up three"
  • Back there again - Blake Shelton
    "This old Buick's like a needle on a compassPointed due westI remember her smile like June sunflowersAnd the look of her body as she slipped out of that dressGod, I'm such a messNever a mornin' person,"
  • Cotton picin' - Blake Shelton
    "On a Mississippi morninMy dad yelled out a warninSon you better hit that cotton patch soonAnd on my way on down the fieldAs I passed Old Johnsons MillI saw Becky Morgan, skinny dippin nude.Well I couldnt"
  • Don't make me - Blake Shelton
    "Girl when I look at youYou look through meLike I'm not even thereI try not to give up, to be strong butI'm afraid to say I'm scaredI can't find the placeYour heart is hidingI'm no quitter but I'm tired"
  • Every time i look at you - Blake Shelton
    "It brings back an old feeling Running into you like this I'm really not afraid of hurting But I can't stand the awkwardness Do I laugh Do I cry Do I dare look in your eyes Oh no, here it goes My hands"
  • Georgia in a jug - Blake Shelton
    "Mason jars on the dresser Filled with quarters and dollars savin em for our trip around the world But now you've changed your tune There'll be no honeymoon So I'm going there without you girl I'm going"
  • Good old boy, bad old boyfriend - Blake Shelton
    "Baby baby babyHe's got you cryin' againBaby baby baby He's got you cryin' againHe's a Good Old Boy but he's a Bad Old Boyfriend.I know that he loves youLooks like he'd show it now and thenI know that he"
  • Goodbye time - Blake Shelton
    "It's your life - you say you need a changeDon't all the dreams we've seen come true mean anythingYou say it's different now and you keep staring at the doorHow can you walk away don't I matter anymoreIf"
  • Heavy liftin' - Blake Shelton
    "Yeah! I hit the ground runnin' with the mornin' sun. When a job needs doin', I get it done. I show up early an' I go home late. Everybody knows I pull my weight. 'Cause I don't mind doin', A little heavy"

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