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Paul van Dyk presents EVOLUTION Launch Event Berlin

  • Paul - Feel
    "Jest noc, która nagle wszystko zmienia, całe miasto śpi. Jest dzień, który w życie się zamienia, robisz pierwszy życia łyk. Mam sen - nie pamiętam nawet jaki, tyle dzieje się. A ten dzień, bardzo wiele"
  • Traumatic Event - Funker Vogt
    "a long time ago you went off to seek your soul disappeared out of my life with a promise to return but you got lost on your way the girl I knew never came back you got trapped, lost inside yourself a"
  • Event Horizon - Peter Hammill
    "Flat on my back, I can feel myself falling into a singular state of mind; as if through a fog, I can hear someone calling. I know I'm cutting it fine, thinking that maybe it's time to cross the line. The"
  • Launch 'Em Now - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Throw away that refuse sack, don't fill out that tag. The kids are on the streets, food and beer is free. Well it's hello boys and girls, and farewell to your world. Launch 'em now we don't care."
  • Dancing In Berlin - Berlin
    "Stop, now let's go again No, I don't want to be alone Yes, it's a time for fun Go, don't stop again Dance, til the night is done Look, it's a motion picture show I want to see you Dancing in Berlin Dancing"
  • Fortune presents gifts - Dead Can Dance
    "Fortune presents gifts not according to the book Fortune presents gifts not according to the book When you expect whistles it's flutes When you expect flutes it's whistles What various paths are followed"
  • Carseat (God's Presents) - Blind Melon
    "Tongue tied, nerves as big as boulders Why Mom, I thought I was your soldier My brother sits by me Buckled into the carseat Feel the thirst, it's time for pulling over Into the truckstop on my daddy's"
  • Wall Of Sound (Airbase Presents Parc Remix) - Armin Van Buuren
    "He Said I am the worldly wise Just look into my eyes And wish for anything And so she held his gaze And fell into his maze And saw that all around Was just a wall of sound Out there, it's all around See"
  • Launch Off To War - Cheap Sex
    "the death toll will rise as we launch off to war for revenge and your oil we are coming for you look up in the sky and see the bombs falling down cause life doesn't matter when it's not on our ground the"
  • (r)Evolution - Hammerfall
    "Heed the words, my son Here is where my journey ends I pass my legacy, for you to carry on You are the future, I am the past These words of wisdom might be my very last The insurrection will show your"

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