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Prediksi angka toto macam pkl 13.00 yakin tembus

  • Selfish - Toto
    "Ashes to ashes That's how it ends You go from heartache to heartache As you make amends Just bigger and bigger You take two steps back You want something from nothing And you're so exact You think you're"
  • Spanish Steps Of Rome - Toto
    "The first time I saw her She was wearing scarves of white That little spark between us Took only seconds to ignite And then it occured to me But suddenly I was standing there alone On the Spanish steps"
  • In A Word - Toto
    "Stop, taking for granted I am the one who's wrong You might be surprised Time standin' still It seems like we don't belong You'll realize Start giving to me all you can Stop telling me girl just where"
  • Love Is A Man's World - Toto
    "Don't you know that the girl left a long time ago And I find that she took half the blood that I own And it pains me to think about wasting way the years So I'll just wash this dirty whiskey glass with"
  • Miss Sun - Toto
    "Listen to my story 'Cause it may never be the same And a young man in his glory He may never see her again Hey Miss Sun What could I say I tried to hold you But the moon got in the way It won't be long"
  • On The Run - Toto
    "Everybody's moving way too fast Before you blink you better find out who's in your path The pressure's building up on every side In my heart I know that I've got nothing to hide What would make you think"
  • Lovers In The Night - Toto
    "It's just the soul that matters, and I don't know why You know she's gonna make you cry, you know she's gonna make you cry She'll have you walk beneath the ladder you were meant to climb You know she's"
  • Make Believe - Toto
    "Why don't we make believe we're in love again Who says the crimson moon doesn't shine Where do people go when they're looking for that one of a kind Why don't we make believe that we're sorry Why must"
  • Waiting For Your Love - Toto
    "Hands, don't let her go, 'cause then the midnight icy winds will blow Eyes, give every drop, this ain't the way that should have made her stop Arms, just let her know, no one fills the place she used"
  • We Made It - Toto
    "Bad timing for love: you caught me on your birthday I could feel your heart break into a hundred pieces We were too torn apart, now it seems so senseless And if we're clever, we'll put it together, it"

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