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Psycho couple prszejmujemy tik toka

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Psycho couple prszejmujemy tik toka
  • Girls Against Boys Psycho-Future
    "There's love in ya future Love in ya psycho future There's kick in ya future Kick in ya psycho future Cool memories - can ya give it to me Cool movies - just show me Can ya send it out - the information can"
  • Crematory Solitary Psycho
    "I lived in a nightmare just good and said no gone with a feeling the made us so cold while getting the madness it's crawling in us solitary psycho a sickening badness Solitary psycho no way out fearing"
  • Assassin Psycho Terror
    "Wanna have some lovely fun with me Talking bullocks and ignore reality Never cool, always highest temperament Shouting loud and never be silent Psycho terror Destroy you like a total war Concentrate to"
  • Kiss Psycho Circus
    "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Hello Here I am! Here we are,we are one I've been waiting for this night to come Get up! Now it's time for me to take my place The make-up runnin' down my face We're exiled from"
  • Fall Psycho mafia
    "Spit on the streets Got nowhere to goother than showsCould never loveAnd the Psycho-MafiaI'm talking about lovePsycho-MafiaNo soul in discosNo rock in the clubsBullheads in the pubsAnd the city jobsCould"
  • Richard Thompson Psycho street
    "A man sits down to write a letter, but instead he writes a book The book begins - Dear Sir, I don't if you're interested but you're wife is a whore A man gets on a train and proceeds to take all his clothes"
  • My Ruin American Psycho
    "This is not an exit! This is not an exit...I need to feel something American psycho my confession means...nothing! Abandon all hope - ye who enter here Pre-meditated-calculated I can smell the fear Don't"
  • Disturbed Get psycho
    "Raaaaaow!Get psycho!I wanna get psycho,Get psycho!I wanna wanna wanna wannawanna get psycho.Run you little bitchI want your power glowing, juicy flowing,Red hot meaning of life.It's not enough to have"
  • Tech N9ne Psycho Bitch
    "I want you to quit Calling me Calling me Following me Following me Why do you trip with me After you get through Swallowing me Never knew this Bianca Would explode Like this Now that I know this I must"
  • Space Mister Psycho
    "All these people are laughing at him And although he tries it's getting to him And if he sees just-a one more grin he won't be held responsible The city's closing in on him And everywhere's getting smaller"

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