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  • Not Like You - Hannah Fury
    "Giant-Size Man-Thing number four You are Eleanor Don't say a thing For me or for him Just pretend You are our friend Until the end Don't speak, don't speak Don't speak, don't support Just quietly abhor"
  • Desert Song - Axxis
    "The world - the world has changed its old face From blue to grey if you watch it from space Oh mother earth you're giving sun - you're giving rain Without a hope there will be nothing to remain How"
  • Minor Piano Keys - Iron And Wine
    "Say, say something nice to her Fragrant and sturdier Delicate hands for shoulders sliding down Days, days like a summer rain Blink and theyre gone again Soaking she sits alone, outside and down Prays,"
  • Good Friday - Cowboy Junkies
    "Michael Timmins Sat at my window watched the world wake up this morning. Purple sky slowly turning golden, distant elms so orange you'd swear they're burning. All this flowing water has got my mind"
  • Daydreamer - Menswear
    "(don't drink and swim) slowly shifting, gently drifting in your arms, i'm quietly breathing silent dreaming, thinking, yearning hoping for a better journey understanding what i'm planning you're"
  • Old Age - Dolour
    "Old age barks louder everyday an old woman's hands press lightly on my face what's she want with such a little boy, with hands so cold? youth keeps right on growing old Is medicine all I need right now? to"
  • Diagnosis Evil - Sam Roberts
    "You never see me back down, No, I, Won't, Go quietly, Holding hands, Childs romance, I've got better plans, A secret mission from the underground, A coupe de ta, "Missing line" Theirs a look in my eyes, Its"
  • The Safe Way - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "The right hand grips, the left hand slides. The pennies drop, the boxes glide. It never stops. She worked the line blind. Folded, pushed, . . . A pirhouette. No thought, no joy, no regrets. A cigarette"
  • Voices - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "In the wind, in the sea, whispering hate, heresy; quietly accusing me. Voices. Those voices, all I hear are voices. In the marsh, in the sky, firing curses in my eyes, cutting me with razor lies. Voices."
  • Oceans - Suede
    "We sit in silence A marriage license Is all you know All you know, all you know We sit and chew gum Watch television And you know And you know, and you know But there's oceans between us Light years"

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