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  • Waiting - Lucky 7
    "i noticed/ that you leavin tomarrow/ believe in and i know /you'll discover a lot of things with/out each other i cant go/ im gonna stay and live my life/ its my way your leaving believing your dreaming and"
  • Waiting - Dakona
    "So you've packed up all your makeup And you grabbed your magazines And you're leaving in the morning On a plane I guess I've taken you for granted I guess I messed this up again I think I've finally learned"
  • She Knows Her Way - Big D And The Kids Table
    "She only heads out when it's late and dark No need to worry, she's smooth, she's smart I'll see her later cause we can't be apart You tell me my girls trouble, yes, you tell me my girls trouble, cause"
  • Waiting - Name Taken
    "It's hopeless now It seems that there's nothing left I don't care anymore, this failure that surrounds me I accept Because I can't be all the things I want to without you And it won't help to watch you"
  • Right Here Waiting - Johan - Fame Factory
    "Oceans apart, day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice, on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever you go, whatever you do I will"
  • Waiting - Graham Colton Band
    "anyone you ask will tell you that she's over me and that I've been waitin' around for too long everything I want is standin' right in front of me but crucial times are great for me getting it wrong every"
  • Heaven's Waiting - Richard Marx
    "There is no understanding in this hostile age Sometimes I feel just like a rat locked in a cage It's hard to live beyond the walls It ain't no life at all But don't you tear it down Chorus: Take your chances,"
  • She Loves My Car - Ronnie Milsap
    "Drive all night up and down the highway It may be a Monday but it feels like Friday Pushing faster, pulling her close It doesn't matter to her where we go. She loves my car, she loves my car It's just"
  • She Loves To Talk - 38 Special
    "She wakes up in the mornin', puts her face on grabs a cup o' coffee then she's on that phone.. (Chorus) That woman loves to Talk (...she loves to talk...talk) Yeah, she's what I want (she's what I want) I"
  • She Loves Your Money - Glenn Hughes
    "Some girls are satisfied with ordinary wishes They don't need a temple in Brazil Some find communion with the politics of money You found a girl who lives there still Tell me...how love will never compromise The"

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