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Ramones - It

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Ramones - It
  • Ramones Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio?
    "Rock'n, rock'n'roll radio Let's go Rock'n, rock'n'roll radio Let's go Rock'n, rock'n'roll radio Let's go Rock'n, rock'n'roll radio Let's go Do you remember Hullabaloo, Upbeat, Shinding and Ed Sullivan"
  • Ramones High Risk Insurance
    "High risk insurance The time is right High risk insurance The time is right Got endurance, I was trained I got my sights adjusted and my telescope aimed Everybody wants an explanation Got no love for"
  • Ramones It's Gonna Be Alright
    "To our fans far and near We're so glad you could all be here And when life get so-oh-oh hard You make it all worthwhile Screaming, shouting, wham-slam-bam Now wild hair is back in style This is dedicated"
  • Ramones Somebody Put Something In My Drink
    "Somebody Somebody Put Something In My Drink Somebody Another night out on the street Stopping for my usual seat Oh, bartender, please Tanqueray tonic's my favorite drink I don't like anything colored"
  • Ramones Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
    "Well the kids are all hopped up and ready to go They're ready to go now They've got their surfboards And they're going to the discotheque a go go But she just couldn't stay She had to break away Well New"
  • Ramones 53rd & 3rd
    "If you think you can, well come on man I was a Green Beret in Viet Nam No more of your fairy stories 'Cause I got my other worries 53rd and 3rd Standing on the street 53rd and 3rd I'm tryin' to turn a"
  • Ramones Let's Dance
    "Hey baby won't you take a chance? Say that you'll let me have this dance? Well let's dance; let's dance. We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato too. Any old dance that you wanna do. Well let's"
  • Ramones 7-11
    "I met her at the 7-11 Now I'm in 7th heaven Tell me, tell me Can this be true I never though I'd ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the Space Invaders So I said can I see you later Yeah we"
  • Ramones I'm Affected
    "When I look into your big brown eyes And I feel like I'm in paradise I want you by my side 'Cause I'm affected, 'fected Yeah, I'm affected, 'fected Well I'm affected And all I want is you Didn't know"
  • Ramones Ramona
    "Hey Johnny, hey Dee Dee Little Tom and Joey You know we're goin' over Sweet sweet little Ramona You're getting better and better It's getting easier than ever Hey you kids in the crowd You know you like"

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