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Redman Da Journee

  • Tear It Off - Redman
    "(Redman) Whooooo! Yo yo yo, yo yo Huh.. {*inhales*}.. Yo VANGLORIOUS This is protected, by the Red (Meth) and TICAL (Red) Slap it down (Meth) Way out of bounds (Red) Throw in the towels (Meth) 'fore we"
  • Jam 4 U - Redman
    "Yo, this is for motherfuckers - that talk that sellout shit "I just want to jam for you" "Ev-everybody get up!" "I just want to jam for you" "Get on up!" "Get down, get down, on down.." like James"
  • Maaad Crew - Redman
    "(Redman) Yo yo yo yo We "Push Weight" with Ice Cube's in a cup (AmeriKKKa's) Most Wanted Police pin it up (Alaza an a) Thug passion brotha what Bloatin gettin a girl preganant Off a finger aaaaahhhhh Doc"
  • Fire - Redman
    "(feat. Wendisue Hall, E3) Yeah (I can feel your fire) When you niggas feel cold and your flows ain't got it no more nigga?! (I can feel your fire) Yeah nigga. You know what it is nigga, Gilla House nigga Yo"
  • Dis Iz Brick City - Redman
    "(feat. Ready Roc) This Is W.K.Y.A Radio, You Motha Fuckkas You Gotta Next Calla On The Air,"Bitch You On Da Line" Some Chick In The Backgroung: "Yo This Is Big @#$%% And I Dont' Givea Fuck Nigga, Gimme"
  • I Got A Seecret - Redman
    "Damn Ladies.. and gentlemen I got a secret Somebody told me yo' ass stink! Don't blame me! Hah, what, huh.. Ah, one two three four Huh, huh, yo Huh, yo yo yo yo yo yo (c'mere baby) Yo, yo yo, yo yo,"
  • The Question - Redman
    "(Redman) Man he must of bumped his motherfucking head or something Yo Yo M.C.'s out there, you betta stand clear It's Funk Doc M.E.TH on da world premiere From New Jerz straight talk, america's best Co'"
  • Mi Casa - Redman
    "Redman (Verse 1) Whatcu crazy??!!? Since a buck tooth baby, Doc Is like straight fuck you pay me like Jay-Z Lazzy Niggas complain Doc load up the cartridge and start kickin game like Acclam Those who you"
  • Pimp Nutz - Redman
    ""How many motherfuckers that smoke?" Who got some chronic in this motherfucker? Gilla House! "That sounds good" One-Deuce Yo yo well it's the Soopaman Luva nah bitch Reggie Noble Middle finger up"
  • Yesh Yesh Ya'll - Redman
    "Yo, hard beats like this keep my mentality raw I G off C 4 lyrics to blow off them Lex door My tex-ture be the kind that explore MC's then blow em out, metaphor after metaphor I'm more wetter than your"

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