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Teksty piosenek (1749)

Roar Viki Gabor

  • Silence Screams - Rez Band
    "The hands are frozen solid on the face of saving grace, where infidels and harlots chose a blackened, burning place. Silence screams; the echoes roar, Silence screams forevermore. With idiots and mannequins,"
  • Clap Hands - Tom Waits
    "Sane, sane, they're all insane, fireman's blind, the conductor is lame A Cincinnati jacket and a sad-luck dame Hanging out the window with a bottle full of rain Clap hands, clap hands, clap hands, clap"
  • Hurricane - Kris Delmhorst
    "Babe, you always were a hurricane, The way that first you'd rage and then you'd rain. And all the calm there in your eye, just felt like a lie, it always changed. You could see it coming on for miles, Ripping"
  • Warhead - Venom
    "Warhead - hear the thunder roar Warhead - unite the lightning whore Power burning - Hell & man Raging torment - Take my hand Frenzied motions - Reach your soul Dance the warhead - Fast of slow Born of"
  • Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love - Chorus Line Soundtrack
    "Chorus Line Soundtrack Miscellaneous Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love VAL Hello twelve, RICHIE Hello thirteen, MAGGIE Hello love. AL Changes, oh! BEBE Down below. DIANA Up above. VAL"
  • The Doom Of All Fires - Cavalera Conspiracy
    "The doom, the doom The doom of all fires The ghost, the ghost The ghost of all martyrs The dust, the dust The dust of empires The roar, the roar The roar of the lion The crash, the trash The crash of the"
  • The Roaring Silence - Slade
    "I hear the silence roar, The tiger's silver paw Can rip you to the bone, I roar in silence alone There's a never-ending stream, of never-ending dreams You bring out the gypsy in me, can't you set this"
  • Message From The Country - The Move
    "Here the roar a coming Here the roar a coming Here the roar a coming now Got news for your mother Got news for your mother Got news for your mother tonight Sister I have touched the evergreen And I promise"
  • Journey of 1000 years - Kiss
    "I know just where you come from Where all your yesterdays are gone And now you're done But you've only just begun It's time you opened up the door And now it's all very clear This is a journey of 1.000"
  • Metal Trashing Mad - Anthrax
    "Racing down the road In a street machine of steel Gears are jammed in full I'm the madman at the wheel Got my foot pinned to the floor You can feel the engine roar I got thunder in my hands I'm metal"

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